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#1 Jun 28 2017 01:02am
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hi there

so ive done a bunch of research and cant find a clear answer to this question

if i have a higher mf, do i have a higher chance of a better item dropping?
so example, if my mf is 300, meph in hell has 1/1114 chance to drop arach. If my mf is 400 does that chance increase?

second question,
someone told me that 199 is the best mf number to have because of diminishing returns, and that you end up getting more uniques. i have noticed more uniques drop, but they all suck..... what is your suggestion?\

#2 Jun 28 2017 02:35am
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Wrong section.

Yes you're right, mf increases magic/rare/unique drop rates. There is a diminishing return. Ideally most have always wanted 200-400max. The higher you go the more you'll only see rare magic items. Depending on what your searching for you may want that or you may not.
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