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#81 Aug 16 2017 07:12pm
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Quote (Dindeliton @ Aug 15 2017 03:04pm)
oh yah it is, it took me so much time to get Veromos and srsly he is a game changer, the Summoners War thread in mobile game has pretty experienced player if you need help building a good team :D

I don't have mine yet but I'm well on my way

One of my friends convinced me to try it and he knows what he's doing but I'll check it out, thanks!
#82 Aug 29 2017 11:02pm
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Elder Scrolls Online and GTA 5
#83 Sep 1 2017 11:08pm
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Resogun again, had no idea the graphics were so different compared to ps3 version
#84 Sep 4 2017 05:47am
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Quote (Rikid @ Aug 29 2017 11:02pm)
Elder Scrolls Online and GTA 5

I just picked up ESO for XB1
#85 Sep 4 2017 06:29am
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Two days, until i start playing Destiny 2 and Knack 2
(Knack for the kids and GF but def might try to platine)
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