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#1 May 29 2017 11:16am
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My friend played the game when it first came out. He has a lvl 101 half way done on PWI i assume. Class is assassin. I dont remember what server he is on and he wants to sell me for 100 $. I am here to ask if this game is still very active and worth playing / investing time in or its completely dead.

Let me know what you guys think.

Thank you.
#2 May 29 2017 11:19am
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Take a look on dates of each thread
Its dead
#3 Jun 4 2017 09:57am
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i have been out of it outside of small trade for about 6 months now. this is due to hardware complications and not the game itself.
last i played it was still lively, and i played on 1 of the smaller servers.
trading in that game is.... different, to put it one way. you'll find it much easier to buy things than to sell it due to the mass cash shopped items.
it's a decent mmorpg, but i would say too late to start if you are aiming for top-tier without spending a ton.
#4 Jun 9 2017 10:55pm
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i dont like it
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