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#11 Jul 9 2017 11:08am
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#12 Jul 9 2017 06:59pm
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I would get a pair of AKG K7XX on ebay or something.

Edit: Nevermind I only read the first sentence of your post, they're definitely not for you, they're bulky and hard to transport and they're open so they leak a lot of sound.

I recommend the Beyerdynamics DT770, used to own them and even though I much prefer open headphones these were pretty good, especially for the price. I don't remember how long the cable is though.

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#13 Jul 9 2017 07:02pm
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Quote (Jabuke @ May 31 2017 02:10pm)
Bose soundtrue earbuds. 120

$150 for earbuds?? nty lol
#14 Jul 17 2017 09:24pm
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beats by dre>
#15 Jul 20 2017 05:20am
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Where on earth do you need 150 pairs of headphones...

Quote (JohnMiller92 @ 10 Jul 2017 03:02)
$150 for earbuds?? nty lol

So? $150 is a reasonable price and many go even higher.

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#16 Jul 21 2017 02:24pm
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I have the DT770's and they are really nice. I use them to cut the lawn (don't hear the lawn mower) and I use them on plane rides (also do not hear the jet engines). Good thing is that they don't leak sound so no one around me can hear them either.

I also have Sennheiser 598's but I prefer the DT770's since they aren't open buds and don't let in all the outside noise.

I have the 80 OHM version, my MP3 player has a built-in amp so they pair very nicely. I was going to go with the 250 OHM ones but I'd need an external amp for the player and one for my PC. Not getting into that!
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