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Apr 26 2022 03:14pm
Went to the flea mart last weekend.
Haven't been out properly thrifting in a while :wacko:

Didn't find too much..
But grabbed a couple things:

Worms (Disc Only) - PS1 in a NHL 2k -DreamCast Case

A bit of a random pickup.
Worms is actually a somewhat uncommon game..
Not to be confused with Worms Armeggedon!
It is a early PS1 release that is supposed to be decent!
Complete copies go for ~$20
However, I didn't buy this for the game..

I actually picked this up for the case! lol
I already have NHL 2k for DC, but the case is broken.
It's normally easy enough to swap out a jewel case..
But these sports games have the holo sticker on the cover.

I'm happy to find a replacement case.
King of silly all these considered..
But it is the little things, ya know??

It was only $1 so an easy pickup.
They actually had a couple other DC games that I passed on.
It was NBA Hangtime on NBC and NFL 2k
I already had both and they were scratched to hell..
But you don't see DreamCast games in the wild much these days.

Hot Shots Golf - PS1

Arcade golf games are my guilty pleasure lol
I have never played Hot Shots though..
But I am intrigued that it is published by Sony.
At least the production value will be good?

Again, it was $1.. so why not?
Haven't played it yet..

But I have been thinking of parting with some of my PS1 games.
I have a stack of decent games that I haven't touched in a while.
If I don't like this game, I can easily bundle it with something else :)

Yu-gi-oh Dawn of Destiny - Xbox

Oh geez...
I have very little experience with yu-gi-oh.
I played the old PS1 game with a friend as a kid.
However, I don't think it even used the proper rules.
Not that it matters, I don't remember them at all lol

I recently got back into it playing MTG.
I have my old cards and have been playing with a couple friends.
I really enjoy MTG and have had a blast revisiting it.
But I don't get a chance to play too often.

I used to play Shandalar when I was younger too.
Anyone remember that???
I would kill for a good MTG game on console!

Well, I thought this might be a good alternative?
I mean I am not so much a fan of the aesthetic of yu-gi-oh..
But if it has good card mechanics, I can get some enjoyment out of it.

I have only played it a little bit..
The game looks and plays great!
However there is no tutorial so I have no idea what I'm doing lol
I'll have to learn the rules sometime

Got this game for $2.

Nothing too crazy with this haul.
But for $4? It's a win for me! 😇

Money Spent: $3261
Total Sales: $3274
Profit: $13

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Apr 27 2022 11:06pm
Still such a quality thread
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May 10 2022 02:39pm
Quote (Ruthless187g @ Apr 28 2022 01:06am)
Still such a quality thread

You are too kind :)
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May 10 2022 02:52pm
I've hit a bit of a dry spell..
Although I honestly haven't been thrifting much.
Instead, I've been playing a lot of my collection.
It has been nice to make a dent in my backlog.
Some of these games I've had for years..
finally getting around to playing them!

Anyway, here are a couple small pickups from HPB:

Wii Sports Resort (Cardboard Sleeve) - Wii

They had a few copies of Wii sports too.
But I was hesitant to pick them up.
Wii sports saw a huge spike in value during the pandemic.
I think my LGS is still trying to sell them at $40 each.
At HPB, they were $10 each...
Tbh, I don't think there is much profit to be made on that.

The pandemic is winding down..
And there is a new nintendo 'sports' game coming out on switch.
Or maybe it's out already?
I just think there is less of a market now than a few months ago.

Either way, I picked this up for $10.
I think I can double my money..
Even if I can't, it will be a quick sale.
The shelves have been bare so I'm desperate lol

Monopoly Party - GameCube

It's been a while since I found a cheap game I don't have..
In fact, this is my 200th GameCube game! 🎉
Only 350 left to go lol :rolleyes:

It was only $2.
It's not a great game.. but I think worth it!
I like board games, but don't play them as much as I like.
This is a pretty streamlined version of Monopoly.
Not a bad way to play it!

I will definitely get some play out of this..
Even though it is lame to play solo lol
I just like having different types of games to enjoy :)

Money Spent: $3273
Total Sales: $3274
Profit: $1

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May 24 2022 06:02am
Sold Wii sports resort (cardboard sleeve) for $22

Money Spent: $3273
Total Sales: $3296
Profit: $23

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May 24 2022 06:02am
Profit!! <3
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