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Mar 3 2023 11:55am
Couple new pickups from a local antique mall.

Don't normally go to this place..
But found some interesting stuff:

Need for Speed Carbon Collector's Edition - Xbox 360

Picked this up for $8.
This is actually the second time I've bought this.
Last time it didn't have the slip cover though!

$8 is a little more than I would like to pay..
But it is still a good deal nonetheless.

I have some love for the NFS series..
But don't know what is special about this version.
Other than the bonus DVD of course!

MegaMan NT Warriors, Vol. 1-3 - DVD

More non-game gaming related stuff! lol
I never knew there was a MegaMan anime..

I picked these up for $3 each.

I think the presentation is top notch.
Together, the spines create a picture of MegaMan..
I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff.

I tried watching some of it..
I did not enjoy it lol
But maybe I can flip for a (likely small) profit.

Money Spent: $3504
Total Sales: $3659
Profit: $155
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Mar 3 2023 11:57am
Sold Armored Core 2: Another Age - PS2 for $40
Sold Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (Greatest Hits) - PS2 for $10
Sold the Ocarina of Time Poster for $20

Money Spent: $3504
Total Sales: $3659
Profit: $225
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Mar 6 2023 09:11am
Sold Resident Evil Revelations 2 - PS3 for $15
Sold Champions of Norrath (Disc Only) - PS2 for $20

Money Spent: $3504
Total Sales: $3764
Profit: $260
*Forgot to edit total sales in last post
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Mar 12 2023 12:40pm
Sold Need for Speed: Carbon Collector's Edition - Xbox 360 for $37
Sold Megaman Nt Warrior DVD lot for $36

Money Spent: $3504
Total Sales: $3837
Profit: $333

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Mar 12 2023 12:59pm
I'm behind on updates!
I'll make a few posts lol

My fiance and I are moving to Illinois in August.
We were over there a couple weeks ago..
She was meeting with some new colleagues.
I was just killing time lol

I checked out a local game store.
I was beyond impressed.
They had a ton of rare inventory.
Panzer Dragoon Saga, Snatcher, so on and so forth..
Stuff I've never even seen in person lol

Now, it wasn't exactly cheap..
But there was also fairly priced common stuff to be found!

Here is what I picked up:

Magic the Gathering Battlegrounds - Original Xbox

I think I've mentioned this before..
But I am pretty big MtG fan!
I have not kept up with the current sets..
I still have my childhood collection though.
Every now and then I play standard games with friends :)

Really, I am a fan of the MtG universe lol
I have a decent number of books.
And I spend too much time learning about new (and old) meta.
So when I found out about this game...
I knew I needed it!

It is not valuable at all lol
Probably because it is not actually a MtG game.
It takes tropes from the game to create a real time battle.
Almost like Phantom Dust??
Just with way less depth..

I love it so far lol
It is not a great game or anything.
It is very niche, and I'm the target audience lol
I've played with a friend a few times.
We had a blast :)

R: Racing Evolution - GameCube

Another game I have been looking for!
It is surprisingly hard to find 100% complete.
This is in the family of Ridge Racer games..
But fans of that series hate this game lol

I understand why; it does a lot wrong.
Ridge Racer is arcade racing gold..
This is more on the sim side of things.
Not completely, but it doesn't feel as good as the classics.

However, I like the story mode in this game.
I am a racing game fan..
But doing races over and over can get boring.
This tries to develop a pretty immersive story.
You can also 'psyche' drivers out..
It just adds some refreshing changes to the genre.

Unfortunately, it is super short.
I beat the story mode in like 3 hours.
I like a short game..
But it felt a little lacking even for me.
Maybe that is why they through it Pac-Man vs? lol

Either way, happy to finally get this game :)

International Winter Sports 2002 - GameCube

Don't have much to say about this one lol
It was in the bargain bin...
But a complete (and cheap) NGC game I don't have!
So I had to grab it lol

I always find the Konami sports games interesting.
Not so much the games themselves.
But for such a well renowned developer,
they have a bunch of mediocre sports games lol

I am a little intrigued by the figure skating though! ;)

Got these three games for $30
About retail, but happy to find them in person!

Money Spent: $3534
Total Sales: $3837
Profit: $303
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Mar 12 2023 01:16pm
Been making a lot of sales lately..
Which means I've been at the post office too much lol

There is a pawn shop right next door.
Every so I often I will pop in to see what they have.
Usually common over-priced stuff on modern consoles..
But every now and then I'll get something good.

These aren't my best finds there,
But a little something to flip:

Sonic the Hedgehog (Platinum hits) - Xbox 360

Probably better known as 'Sonic 06'.
I just know this game by reputation.
It is weird and terrible lol

Although, who I am to say?
I have never played it..
and I don't have a 360..
So I will just be flipping it.

It goes for a little bit of money.
Not much, ~$20 complete.
A little surprising tbh.

Apparently the controls are awful.
There is also a weird human love interest?
3D sonic just can't get it right :(
I do love the Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 though!

Golden Eye 007 Reloaded - PS3

Don't know much about this game.

I have the remastered version on Wii..
But I couldn't figure out if it is the same game or not.
If it is, then it is a good game!
I really enjoyed replaying the remastered campaign.
The online matchmaking was pretty decent too.
I can only assume it was better on PS3

Just grabbed this to flip.
Again, not an amazing find.
But worth ~$15.
Especially in nice condition like this!

Got both of these for $8.
Not a homerun or anything..
But those little sales add up :)

Money Spent: $3542
Total Sales: $3837
Profit: $295
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Mar 12 2023 01:41pm
Went to the antique mall this weekend.
Was actually looking for some home-items..
But you know I can't help but look for games lol

I go to this antique mall a lot.
I am pretty familiar with where to look..
I was surprised to see a new game vendor.
They had mostly common titles.
But everything was $3!

I think I was among the first to check it out.
It was still crammed full.
Mostly games for systems I don't care much about.
But a ton of fun (cheap) games in there.
I just grabbed a couple items that interested me:

Shrek 2 - GameCube

I am kind of surprised I don't already have this.
But what a game..
I don't understand the meme culture behind Shrek lol

This unfortunately doesn't have the manual..
But I don't mind with this lower end stuff.
Just trying to grab GameCube games for cheap when I see them.

Always happy to add another one to my shelf!
This is now #208 for me :o

Taz-Mania - Sega Genesis

Not sure how much I've mentioned this..
But the Sega Genesis was the first console my family owned.
I still have a handful of those childhood games..
The console has so much nostalgia for me.
It's really why I am a huge Dreamcast and Sega fanboy lol

I've always toyed with the idea of jumping into Genesis collecting.
I love the games.
I mostly play them through compilation collections..
It just seems like such a daunting system to collect for.
I thrift a lot, and I don't see boxed games hardly ever.
When I do... it feels like I just have to buy it.

Taz-mania is a decent little platformer.
Pretty standard for the era, but a fun time nonetheless.
I love the sprite work from this era.
Nothing feels like you are playing a cartoon like Genesis graphics.
A super fun find for me in the wild :)

SD Hiryu no Ken Gaiden - GameBoy

Maybe you know it as: SD Flying Dragon Cuff..
Or maybe you have never heard of it (like me lol)

I don't know why I picked this up.
Well I do know:
Niche jpn games are rare to see at an Indiana antique mall lol

It was really a blind buy..
I thought, 'buy now, figure it out later'.
Well, I'm glad I did!
Apparently it is a pretty rare game!

It's a fighter, but one with impressive graphics.
I'm blown away by the visuals, tbh.
I'm not the biggest fighting fan though..
So I'll probably flip it.

It is gonna take the right buyer..
Especially with the yellowing on the cart.
But I think it was low-key a nice find!!

Got these three games for $9

Money Spent: $3551
Total Sales: $3837
Profit: $286
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