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#271 Aug 17 2020 12:41pm
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New GameCube Haul:

Pac-Man Vs/Pac-Man World 2 - GameCube

I am on a streak of picking up Pac-Man games!

This is a bundled version of two games.

Pac Man Vs is a simple, but addictive take on the arcade game.
Players choose either ghosts or Pac-Man and chase down eachother in the maze.
Simple game, but extremely fun.

Pac World 2 is an action platformer/collectathon.
I have never played it, but I hear it is pretty decent!
I don't play a lot of games like this, but I enjoy them from time-to-time.
It's no Banjo-Kazooie, I'm sure. But I think I'll have fun with it :)

Both games had separate releases,
but this combo pack is the only clamshell release of Pac-Man Vs.

It's greatest hits... terrible, I know.
But this is the only way this game was released, there is no black label version :(
This is the only yellow label game I will keep in my quest for a full NA GameCube library.
It is so ugly on the shelf though lol, I'm storing it elsewhere for now.

Sonic Mega Collection - GameCube
Tetris Worlds - GameCube

I've been keeping an eye out for Sonic Mega Collection.
It has been years since I played some of the classic games.
It is not rare or valuable or anything.
But it is surprisingly hard to find a black label one that is complete for a reasonable deal.
Honestly, it's why I picked up this lot.

I am not particularly bothered buying games without the manual
But I love the Sega registration cards on the GameCube.
I definitely prefer getting those Sega games complete :)

Tetris worlds is a fine take on tetris, but not my preferred version.
They add some simple alternative gameplay and a 'story'.
But I don't like how you can cheese your way into endlessly turning a block.
Love tetris, but I don't like versions where the games lasts 45 minutes+.

Happy to have it complete though!
It will definitely get some play.

And a bunch of loose discs:

Mario Golf Toadstool Tour (disc only) - GameCube
Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex (disc only) - GameCube
X-men Next Dimension (disc only) - GameCube
4x4 Evo (disc only) - GameCube
Madden 2002 (disc only) - GameCube

A fine little group of games.
The only good one here I would keep is Crash.
But I don't keep loose discs and already have some of the other ones..

I'm gonna resell them to hopefully get back my money on this lot.

Paid $36 for this haul online.
A little more than I would have liked to pay tbh.
But I'm hoping I can resell the disc only games to pay it back.
~Here is to hoping.

Money Spent: $2367
Total Sales: $2317
Profit: -$50

#272 Aug 17 2020 12:42pm
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Sold Tube Slider (disc only) - GameCube for $30

Money Spent: $2367
Total Sales: $2347
Profit: -$20
#273 Aug 22 2020 10:52am
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Small Saturday Goodwill Haul:

Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped (Greatest Hits) - PS1

Been finding a lot of PS1 games lately!

It's been quite a while since I played a Crash game.
Pretty happy to come across a complete copy for cheap.
They are not hard to find, but often they are overpriced.
Online, it can be picked up for ~$15.
But game stores often price it from $20-$30.

$2 at goodwill? The right price!
Even if it is the greatest hits version, idgaf.
I hope to play through it sometime soon :)

The Incredibles - GameCube

Excited to pickup any new GameCube game for cheap!
Not as excited that it is the Incredibles lol
Again, another common game.
But these licensed games targeted to kids are hard to find in decent shape.
I've come across the player's choice versions a couple times.
Happy to find a nice clean copy for cheap.

Is it any good?
I doubt it..
But I will definitely give it a try.
Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised!

Got both these games for $5

Money Spent: $2372
Total Sales: $2347
Profit: -$25

#274 Aug 22 2020 10:54am
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Joined: Feb 13 2007
Gold: 805.00
Sold a group of disc only GameCube games for $33:

Mario Golf Toadstool Tour
Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex
X-men Next Dimension
4x4 Evo
Madden 2002

Money Spent: $2372
Total Sales: $2380
Profit: $8
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