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#1 Mar 25 2017 04:29pm
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I have a small project that involves changing the colors of the building in picture 1.
On the top where you see the blue roof I want it to be changed to color : PMS 398c Gingko(Light Green)
Where the frames are pink I want to change them to the first brown color of picture 2
And for the rest where its white I want it to be the second or third color of picture 2
I can email you the pictures if the quality is low. I really need the help. Thank you
If you have any subjections for better color combinations let me know. But the roof color Gingko has to stay like that .

#2 Mar 28 2017 09:38pm
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I can tell you without a fg incentive, it won't get done.

You're best off posting in the graphic design section on d2jsp, the photography section is pretty dead. And the request is more in line with Photoshop, or some other editor for interior/exterior design colour modification.

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