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#11 Feb 21 2017 11:52am
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Quote (BizepsBodo @ Feb 21 2017 06:03pm)
It was on a creditcard bill... Maybe this will help a bit ^_^

ask bilbrother
#12 Feb 21 2017 12:35pm
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Quote (fire92 @ Feb 21 2017 06:52pm)
ask bilbrother

Je me disais aussi...

cot = cotisation

duv je sais pas, peut être lié à ce qu'il a payé.

OP = could you send us a copy of the ticket? Just hide the numbers, I don't need it. If you could let us know what you bought or where you bought it, I might be able to help.

Or you can pm Bilbrother, but he hasn't logged in for a while.
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