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#1 Dec 29 2016 04:27pm
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How much fg I got to spend to get low eq and better lvl?
Who is selling eq? Paying fighter ^_^
#2 Dec 29 2016 08:52pm
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Your fighter looks nice, now you need gears. Who is selling you can see when you follow this link for example http://forums.d2jsp.org/forum.php?f=273

But first of all, when are ingame and in town, click on the market place and select items you looking for. Any advanced players ingame can help you on the first steps how to find items on marketplace.

You will need a few fgs for start gears, later more for better gears.

have fun
#3 Jan 1 2017 01:32pm
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Fast, easy, cheap low/medicore gear check marketplace

Post in forums the gear you need to get full sets like.

lvl 5
lvl 15
lvl 25
Swords with 50+ enhanced effect

With swords you want strength so look for str armors and charms! GL

Hope to see you around more
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