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#301 Aug 23 2017 12:01am
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Quote (KaffeeKaennchen @ Aug 23 2017 05:32am)
i got a flu right now ,so lots of time
if i attemp to much and you wanna see more from other ppl, you have to say it, then i stopp


i like the one in this quote. it's a bit rough, but i'll take it.
i like this one most of the 3 http://i.imgur.com/Km9AeRg.jpg
don't really care too much for http://imgur.com/WN0iSMQ

the info below is more for general purposes for anyone who cares to read it

if you feel like doing 1 attempt, do 1. if you feel like doing 20, do 20. as long as i have fg, i'm open to sigs. i'm thinking of spending ~20k of my fg on something else atm (depends if i can get the rate i want or not), but i can just as easily get back to 50k+ fg.
i more often than not point out which types of sigs i lean towards more, but i don't want to limit people to specific styles. you can try as many different styles as you like, just be aware that not all of them may appeal to me.
i've gone several months without having a single attempt that i've purchased before and very few attempts even posted, and i've had months with a few people putting out lots of sigs. do as many or as few as you like.
any work that i don't purchase is obviously available for you to put in your profile gallery to try and sell as a premade, as it's yours. also as stated before, i might be willing to buy premades, assuming they have a fixed, non negotiated price.
as stated several times in the thread, my offer is 200-300 fg per attempt, but if you feel like the time you put into a work is worth more than 300 fg, feel free to post a price with your work. if no price is posted, i'll assume by default that my range is 200-300.
i've had someone who pm'd a price with every attempt they gave (almost every time was a different value). if i believe the work to be worth more than you're asking (or more than 300 if no price was asked), i'll consider paying extra, but i won't go under your asking price.
of course if someone is asking 1000 for their attempt, i will judge and compare it at a 1000 fg value and compare it to my other sigs i've purchased and works i've seen, and will either pay that amount or not take the sig (as with any price over 300).

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