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#1 Jun 2 2016 09:48am
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Hey guys I had to take picture for a buisness man and i only had 1 flash with no reflector. I am wondering, is it that bad if you can see the shadow on the right? I mean in a professional mind...
Let me know what you think.. if it bad i will fix.. Let me know!
#2 Jun 3 2016 08:32pm
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I mean as long as the client is happy with the photo that is all that matters. For future reference I would get a soft box or something to soften the flash even if it is just a piece of ripstop nylon taped to the front of it. Also, you can tone down the flash by shooting in a covered area during the day so that he is not squinting. If you were truly concerned about the shadow you could just clone stamp a little bit of the wall next to it so that it all matches and there is no shadow
#3 Jun 27 2016 11:53am
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Conspire is 100% right. It all depends on what the client wants.

Given his body language, the shadow should be fine.
#4 Jul 18 2016 08:50am
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external flash or internal flash?
if external you can just use a basic white card to bounce light/soften it.

cropping is a bit tight on right and top sides, thats why the shadow is a bit of a problem, also because the light is so direct.
the text should be lowered to about his shoulders, (because of the cropping/framing)

camera should be eye level, seems little under.

but yeah if client is ok, doesnt matter.
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