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#1 Apr 20 2007 01:56pm
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Table on contents:

Note: Vindicator means Smiter

1. why a smiter?
2. stats
3. skills
4. gear, has a less forunate build as well
5. dueling setup
6. credits

Why should I use a smiter?
As many of you may ask. Simply because if done correctly, you will NOT die--at all. In most cases the only time you will die is due to a server lag or portal clogged or something of that sort. Smiterdins have the ability to cast "life tap" ( a necro curse ,given by items) which is basically an unlimited supply of free full juvies. Yes, as soon as you hit a monster with life tap casted-you will instantly gain full health.

2. Stats

Nothing new here.

Strength: Only as much as needed, i didn't have to stat any
Dex: Get to 50% block, unless you plan on using this character to duel ( which is not a bad idea) in that case get 75%
Note that you shouldnt stat until level 82, when you should have smite, fant, and most importantly holy shield maxed. Yes holy shield gives a HUGE bonus to the blocking rate of a paladin. I personally use hoz so i didnt have to stat dex at all( for shield that is, needed 10 points for phaseblade)

Vitality: rest into here. A decent smiter will have 3.5k life with bo
NRG: im not going to go as far as most people and say to should alt + f4 if you stat this but its not needed. you get plenty of mana from torch/anni

Same deal as always. im currently remaking my smiter because i added way too much into dex (base is 60) and strength (base is 38) but with a few minor gear improvements i will have max block, all my gear on, and without adding to dex/str.

3. Skills

Maxed skills:
Holy Shield

This is where you go with personal preferrence. I personally went (after maxing the 3 main skills of course)
10 into defiance
10 into resist cold

Resist cold/fire/light have a hidden passive bonus. With every hard point into the skill, you get .5 of that resistance. .5 might not sound like a lot, but if you max that instead of chosing the defence route, you will have 85 % cold resistance. Ver nize. Along with resistance stacked from other items, you have absorb from ravensfrost. Mephisto has a nasty little conviction going on so this is why i put 10 into resist cold and rest into defiance. Mess around on www.d2skills.com until you find what you like.

4. Ahh the good stuff, Gear

Before we jump into it, lets take a glance at what we will need. Resistance, Stats, and Skills. Resistances being the most important because ber or Clone, are elemental casters. Rarely will you get hit, So Damage reduction isnt THAT important.

Green being best decision
Blue being poormans choice
Red being a different choice if you disagree with my opinion on best

Helm: Gulliume's, Shako
Explanation: Honestly if you can't aford a Gulliumes Helm, i dont have another suggestion. Use shako if you just can't stand not having that huge life bonus or the +2 skills. I would only use shako if your planning on using a Last Wish Phaseblade, because the crushing blow won't be as vital.

Body Armor: Coh, Duress, Enigma
Explanation: I have no idea why you would want anything other then a COH. The resist are too important in my opinion. Enigma seems to me like your too attached to your hammerdin. Duress is very affordable and is very useable.

Weapon: Greif PB, Black flail, Lastwish PB
Explanation: Only reason i really picked greif is for the IAS it has on it. Also with lastwish being 6 hrs a roll, rerolls can get very pricey. Black is fine for those of you NL/less forunate. Also Redeemer works fine

Sheild: Herald Of Zakarum, 4 pdiamond'd elite paladin shield, Elite paladin shield exileExplanation: this one is completely off of personal prefferrance, some strongly disagree with me--oh well. I know that an Upgraded Herald has great block with a superior block mod/ great stats/skills/ and LOTS of resistances. Personally i dont know why you would choose exile just for its lifetap/defence/dmg. I uber differently then others, ill include how to do so without worry for lifetap to cast.

Gloves: Sorry poorbies, Draculs is the only glove for me biggrin.gif
Explanation: So far if you've agreed with everything I've said, this is your only source of lifetap. Unless you use tap on switch which is what i do.

Boots: Goreriders are very affordable and very useable

Amulet: Godly stated/skill/ res/ amulet, tals amulet, Maras or Highlords
Explanation: I need the stats to go base, but thats up to you

Rings: 1x 20 stat ring, 1x 20 stat raven or 2 ravens or 1 bk 1 raven
Explanation: You'll need a stat ring to go base str/dex but thats up to you

Belt: Verdungos, String of Ears, Arach
Explanation: Verdungos is imo the only belt to use if you have the option of it. Only sorce of real damage reduction, up to 120 to life--insane belt. String is for the poorbies, not a bad belt at all though. Once again hdin addict, your too attached to your hdin if you use arach

Switch: If you can get a barb bo you, use a lifetap wand with spirit paladin shield on switch. If not, get a decent cta/spirit shield.

Charms: 9 pcombs, 1 p torch, 1 anni , fill res with assorted life/resistant scs

5. Dueling set-up

for those of you who didnt feel the need to make a character specfically to do ubers

Armor: coh
Amulet: insane stat amulet/ armgehdon
Rings:insane stat ring/raven
Shield: up'd hoz
Boots: up to you, im not telling you my secret :x
Gloves: dracs

5.5 Meni guide to doing ubers, my way.

First have you hotkeys accordingly, A. Smite S. Charge D. Fant F. Zeal.

Charge to the far left, hug the wall --still charging-- til you hit the bottom left corner. Wait for mep to come. Zeal him so you get the life leech from dracs to fill you up until you get tap casted. As soon as it cast immediatly change to smite. he should be gone very soon. Clean up his minions with zeal. Hard parts done, charge into town and attack baal with zeal until tap cast. Use the same skill until hes gone and then once again do that for diablo. A few full juves are nice if tap is taking a while. I usually have a bo barb friend who picks up the torch for me and we either sell it unid or find out what it is. E-z

6. Credits

___ for taking a look at this guide, and pms and so fourth
Sontdp for being very knowledgable and helping out with soo many people here
Me for actually making it
Xoazeus for supplying most of the gear after i got hacked. Dude your the shit.

Thats all folks, you will see that this will be your new favorite character. Dueling or boss hunting this character is very good. I didnt include a dueling guide because thats up to you and this IS a uber smiter. Thanks

#2 Apr 20 2007 08:45pm
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We actually have a torch on this one congratz on it.
#3 Apr 20 2007 10:22pm
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Quote (sontdp @ Fri, Apr 20 2007, 10:45pm)
We actually have a torch on this one congratz on it.

lmao, thanks, ahh if i had 6.18 fg to give u i would (1337)
#4 May 5 2007 04:08pm
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comments are nice biggrin.gif remember this is based on my smiter and im not saying its the best set up but it works and you can easily switch items for a better set up

would also like to say that sontdp has gather some very nice information here: http://forums.d2jsp.org/index.php?showtopic=7005011&f=240&st=30

This post was edited by ZeusThreeHund on May 5 2007 04:18pm
#5 May 6 2007 12:30pm
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see now this is a good guide for a poor man...me
i now know how to slightly upgrade my gear peice by peice
#6 May 7 2007 05:27pm
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its a decent build.
#7 May 9 2007 02:08pm
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thanks comments are nice smile.gif
#8 May 10 2007 05:04pm
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Nice build, I like how I was mentions wub.gif
#9 May 11 2007 04:12pm
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hrm...a little bit of variation in there but i like it
#10 May 13 2007 04:48pm
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Quote (drewtx84 @ Fri, May 11 2007, 06:12pm)
hrm...a little bit of variation in there but i like it

thanks biggrin.gif
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