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#1 Mar 24 2016 02:03pm
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What is the best way to learn Korean?
#2 Mar 24 2016 02:24pm
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ass to mouth
#3 Mar 27 2016 12:01pm
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Watch korean drama
#4 Mar 27 2016 05:07pm
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Quote (reptiloid @ Mar 24 2016 01:24pm)
ass to mouth

#5 Apr 26 2016 08:25pm
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I am still learning Korean but this is how I would suggest people to learn probably.

1. learn the 1000 Most Common Korean Words using memrise
2. use subs2srs with anki to learn the rest.

Although recently I started learning hanja base hangul words which I think might be the absolute best way. I just have not used it long enough to suggest it though..

For example learning that

도 = path, road, street, method, way


인 = man; people; mankind; someone else

combine them together to form 인도 and you get sidewalk (man path/people path/man road)

So then when you encounter 인도 it will instantly be memorable since you already know what 도 and 인 mean by themselves.

http://forum.language-learners.org/ <<< pretty active language learning forum
#6 Apr 30 2016 02:50pm
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Quote (Odell @ Mar 27 2016 02:01pm)
Watch korean drama

Quote (Odell @ Mar 27 2016 02:01pm)
Watch korean drama

This is actually not bad way
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