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#1 Mar 13 2016 05:31pm
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Today we are introducing some bonuses for purchasing forum gold in the form of two new member levels to the d2jsp community: Customer and Verified. Each level will come along with a couple community perks that will enrich your experience in the community.

A Customer is a site member that has purchased at least $10.00 of forum gold from the site (not including the donate for me tool) within the last 30 days.
Every Customer will receive the following perks while their account meets the above criteria:
  • +50 PM box size (100 PM storage capacity)
  • +30 minutes post edit time (1 hour total)
  • +2 additional images per post (5 total)
* Warning in excess of 30% will revoke this status.

A Verified member is a site member that meets the criteria of the Customer level described above and has completed additional verification steps. All verified members will have a new icon beside their member group which communicates to others that they have had their identity verified. Verified members will receive the following additional perks:
  • +50 PM box size (150 PM storage capacity)
  • +60 minutes post edit time (2 hours total)
  • +5 additional images per post (10 total)
* Details about how to become verified, the required criteria, and how to apply can be found here: https://forums.d2jsp.org/verify.php

This change is retroactive, meaning if you have recently purchased at least $10.00 from the site (not including donate for me tool or star upgrades) your account has automatically been upgraded to the Customer perks.

Thanks everyone for your support, and hope you enjoy these new additions!
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