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~ Path of Exile Helpers List ~

- What is the PoE Helpers List?

The PoE Helpers List is a list of users who have volunteered their time to help others out with most anything PoE related.
As these users are volunteering their time, please remember to be respectful and patient when messaging one of them.

- Below you will find the users, and under their names, you will find information on how they can help you

  • Builds: Most builds (HC specialized)
  • Crafting: Basic knowledge, can help with any master craft on standard league (all lvl 8)
  • Price Checks: Standard, Hardcore Temp League
  • Misc: available to help in game

  • Builds: Poison Arrow, SRS, TornadoShot, 2h Cyclone/Basic knowlegde about casters, CoC, melee chars
  • Crafting: Not high into crafting. Can help with certain aspects
  • Price Checks: Standard, Hardcore Temp League
  • Misc: available to help in game, Gear & Skilltree optimization, Cards farming, Atziri & Uber Atziri farming

  • Builds: Any Melee builds
  • Crafting: Lvl 8 Voricci, Vagan, Elreon, Zana, Haku
  • Price Checks: Standard League
  • Misc: Available to help in game

Helper List Leaders:

Rules for being a Helper:
  • Must follow all Site Rules
  • Remain Active - You risk being removed if inactive for a long period of time
  • Be willing to help answering PM's related to PoE
  • Be patient and understanding (Everyone is new at some point)


~ How do I get added to the list?
- If you are interested in being on the helpers list, please send a PM to a Leader to be reviewed .

~ How do I get removed from the list?
- If you no longer wish to be on the Helpers List, PM one of the List Leaders.
** We reserve the right to remove anyone from the list at any time, for any reason.

~ I have a suggestion for the list, what do I do?
- PM one of the list leaders with your suggestions/idea's for the list.

~ I have an issue with someone on the helpers list, who do I talk to?
- You can PM a Helper List Leader with any concerns about a PoE Helper.[/CENTER]

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