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#1 Jul 11 2015 01:14pm
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Just started golfing the past year or so.

Just got a set of 2011 Ping irons, this is what's currently in my bag: Ping- 4,5,6,7,8,9 irons, a pitching wedge and a U wedge (idk what the U wedge is for lol)

I was planning on going out today to get a driver and a putter. I went out golfing last night and realized I could really use a hybrid as well.

Any suggestions on clubs or what I should look for? In addition, what else should I possibly look into getting? I'm not looking at going all out, but just want to be set next time I go out. (I've been borrowing a family member's driver and putter the past few outings)

I'll probably pick up a glove and some balls as well.

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#2 Jul 14 2015 05:16pm
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Go to dicks or golfsmith if there's one near you and try all the putters... See what you prefer. I'd spend a little more on a driver since it's a pretty important club. Again, try as many as you can and try to get fit for lofts and stuff if it's available.

I'd also look into a 56 degree wedge.

Try to find a pitch and putt to practice on. Short game is the most important part of golf.
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