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#1 May 19 2015 12:46pm
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Hello Chaos-Runners!

Welcome to the realm of chaos, I want to give you a rundown of the rules and some helpful info before posting here:

- You can post your chaos run topic that your clan runs, but DO NOT link your clan/guild website without permission from a Moderator.

- You may NOT discuss, link, advertise or encourage usage of third party programs or bots.
As shown here: http://forums.d2jsp.org/info.php?p=9
No binaries, hacks, bots, exploits, or third party modifications of any game or program.

- Chaos runs can be run as a service for forum gold in the trading grounds.

- To find the current list of channels please see the Chaos channel list

- All Site Rules apply within this subforum and everywhere else on d2jsp. If you are unsure, ask any member of the staff for further clarification.

- Absolutely no flaming, insults or harassment to anyone.

If you have any questions on the chaos forum rules or are unsure on anything then please PM one of us and we can gladly assist you.

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