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WELCOME!!! To the Star Wars The Old Republic!!!

Here will be a Basics Guide to getting started on this game :) There will be more in depth guides to come but this is a great one for new players!

Topics that will be covered are listed below :)

• Choosing a server
• Choosing Republic vs. Empire
• Choosing a Species
• Choosing a Character Class
• Skill Trees

If you have any specific questions feel free to let me know :)

Choosing A Server

In short, you have two major decisions to make about a server.
1. What server type? (PvE, PvP, RP-PvE, or RP-PvP)
2. What geographic area/language do you want? (US East, US West, Asia-Pacific, European English, European German, or European French.)

After that point, you've narrowed it down and can begin sleuthing around.

PLEASE NOTE - SERVER CHOICE IS FINAL!!! At this point in time, it's a life-long commitment. You cannot change servers. BW has said that at some point in the future that they *may* allow transfers. The speculation is that it will cost money. No one knows for sure when this will happen or how much it will cost. THEREFORE - choose wisely! If you suddenly decide you don't like your server - or that you like another server more - then you'll have to just start a new character on another server. You can't move.

Your first choice as a player is which server TYPE you want.

You have a choice between PvP, PvE, RP, and RP-PvP. I suggest googling those terms to determine which one is best for you. This website has a pretty good overview, and it's also posted below.

In short:
PVP - Unless you're in a designated "safe zone" (capital worlds, starter worlds, a very few other places) you are flagged for Player versus Player combat and you can not turn it off.
PVE - Unless you're in a designated "PvP zone" you can choose whether or not to flag yourself for PvP.
RP - No mechanical difference from the base server type BUT the RP flag is likely to attract people that want to role play.

Your second choice as a player is which geographic region you want.

Your options for region and language include:

Asia-Pacific English
European English
European French
European German
US East
US West

Keep in mind two things when deciding - server distance and when the population is active. On the one hand, you want a server group that's physically close to the geographic region of the world where you're likely to be playing. On the other hand, keep in mind when the population will be active and how that interfaces with your schedule. If you work nights, you might want to belong to a server in a different time zone so you're awake when they are.

Choosing A Faction

The Galactic Republic, with the aid of the Jedi Order, has stood as a bastion of peace and tranquility for more than twenty thousand years. Although the Republic has been weakened by the long and costly war with the Sith Empire, its resolve remains strong. With the scars from the last war finally starting to heal, a new generation prepares to take up the mantle to defend the Republic.

The Sith Empire, returning from exile after a thousand years, has reclaimed the ancient Sith homeworld of Korriban and conquered hundreds of star systems across the galaxy. The Empire now stands stronger than ever, prepared for the truce with the Republic to dissolve, so that true vengeance can finally be achieved and the entire galaxy can be subjected to Imperial dominion.

Choose your side in this epic conflict, and fight for the fate of the galaxy.

Choosing A Species

Once you choose which Faction you would like to be a part of you will get to choose which species you would like to play as. Follow the link below to see all the Playable types of species for the different characters.
*Note that other species can be unlocked throughout the game using the Cartel Market*


Choosing A Class

The Galactic Republic


The Sith Empire


Skill Trees

Listed below is a link to all the different skill trees for the different Advanced Classes. These skills can be reset at any point in time so you are never fully locked into any one skill tree.
*Note You will notice each skill tree is dependent on whether you are a DPS character or Healer or Tank*

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