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#1 Nov 18 2014 11:02am
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I just love this concept, so I'm spreading it around where I can or feel like it.

Permaculture is both a design method and a way of thinking, living. It's a wide subject, but the idea is much about imitating of how nature works by creating symbiotic relationships between plants, trees, insects, animals, microorganisms, soil & fungi, with us humans seen as a component and equal part of all of nature.

It is about designing sustainable environments with the focus on providing for our needs, in harmony with our planet & natures processes, working along & with its natural systems, as well as nurturing for our planets needs & its ecology. The rehabilitation of ecosystems & natural habitats for wildlife all over the world.

It's about taking care of ourselves, and everyone else.

People in all parts of the world promoting sustainability by creating healthy relationships, aligning more and fully with our true selves (taking action towards who we truly want to be, following our dreams), and growing more of our own food organically, locally, & preferably with permaculture design seem like fundamental things to do to contribute to a truly peaceful, loving, sustainable & ever evolving world for us and generations to come.

This way of growing food, designing food producing ecosystems (and ecosystems in general) can even turn around desert land into green:

Greening the Desert

"All the worlds problems can be solved in a garden"
"It is possible to re-green and decrease the salt levels in any desert with water harvesting, micro- irrigation and mulch."

Green Gold
"Environmental film maker John D. Liu documents large-scale ecosystem restoration projects in China, Africa, South America and the Middle East, highlighting the enormous benefits for people and planet of undertaking these efforts globally."

Val and Eli, setting a wonderful example of healthy ideals.

Visualize the highest potential for peace, happiness, love, light, creativity & people working together in harmony with each other, with nature, the planet, the universe, sending out the thoughts, visions and emotions that we do prefer more strongly to the collective. Ground it in behavior and action.

In other words, maybe it's time to do some gardening as well. ;-)

A shorter definition of permaculture to sum it up (even if it's obviously more to it than that) would be to say that it's basically the designing of agriculturally productive ecosystems. Far more productive and Earth friendly than conventional agriculture. And year after year, requires less and less work to maintain. I first heard about permaculture a couple of years ago, and ever since, I wished it to be common knowledge, so I've been quite active in getting the word out there in.. different ways :rolleyes: ..Anyway, it has incredible potential for positive change so the information needs to be out there in the open for people to see & realize the obvious benefits of this alternative. :)

Aquaponics is something really worth looking into as well and definitely included in permaculture design.

Another thing related are the so called Earthships! (What a wonderful name by the way)

For anyone who haven't heard about it, Earthships are self sustaining houses made largely out of recycled material & garbage like tires stuffed with dirt, bottles, tin cans, etc... Much of the food is grown inside the Earthship itself, collecting energy, water and treating the sewage on sight. There's a documentary about biotecture and earthships called garbage warrior for the ones interested:

The pros of permaculture are overwhelming & extends to so many areas. I could sure use much more practical experience myself of growing food and such, I've only taken a small course and helped out a little on a few locations. But I'm getting there.

And remember to take care & show love for yourselves people, that's how you truly are able to take care of others! Love really is the answer to light, happiness & freedom..!

I may or may not update this with more links later on - I'm not really active on this forum/community anymore, almost 500 days had gone since my last post but I just wanted to share this.

Feel free to discuss permaculture and sustainable living in general and/or adding more links. Please keep the focus on solutions and positivity, strengthening what we really do want in our and everyone elses lives.

Thanks for dropping in.
Much love.
#2 Dec 7 2014 03:42pm
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willste kemfen oder was
#3 Dec 7 2014 03:44pm
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was bist du für ein lauch.
#4 Dec 7 2014 03:48pm
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nice topic

#5 Dec 7 2014 04:05pm
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Quote (TresholdOfUniverse @ 8 Dec 2014 00:48)

nice topic



Very nice TidsL.
Out of curiosity, your post suggests digging/researching into the subject, have you made any similar projects (either smaller or equivalent) yourself?

Big projects of "green" architecture are also very interesting, in similar perspective.
Not meaning the general green rooftops of apartment buldings, but larger condos or building complexes that include big gardens and/or small ponds, or
"self-sustainable" (to a certain degree ofc) building complexes, with apartments and crop fields, intented for both recreation & farming.
Use top notch tech too, like recycling rain water and using it for plant/crop watering etc.

Very interesting stuff to check out (if you haven't already)


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#6 Dec 7 2014 07:40pm
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#7 Dec 7 2014 08:03pm
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eh tbh i'd rather be dead than HAVING to survive like this.

just glorified peasantry.
#8 Dec 8 2014 05:04am
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Quote (Subwoofer @ 8 Dec 2014 05:03)
eh tbh i'd rather be dead than HAVING to survive like this.

just glorified peasantry.

Good for you mate! We ourselves, would hate to see a descendant of the roman emperors like you, "degrade" into a peasant. :D
#9 Dec 8 2014 07:30am
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wish there was a like button :thumbsup:
#10 Dec 8 2014 12:36pm
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honestly... i love plants more than human beeings;)
the idea is great and I'd really like to have a green house (food from my own garden ftw) in future, but ....its super time consuming
and until i i can afford my own gardener i won't be able to "play with green" :/

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