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Sep 10 2014 06:17am
Over my time of being on Jsp, i've had many questions on what Tank and Fish are best?

The answer to this, is there is no best or worst fish nor tank, it all depends on you and your lifestyle.

After years in the hobby and working at aquariums, ive had my fair experience of peoples mistakes and learning's and i'm here to give you a guide on what would best suit you.

Fish are broken down into three main category's, Cold water(Gold fish), Tropical and Cichlids(American and African).

Lets start with Cold water.
Cold water tanks 90% of the time consist of Goldfish. Many people make the mistake off thinking its the easiest and cleanest fish to keep, Incorrect, it is far from. Goldfish are one of the most messy aquatic animals you will come past, due to the fact of not having stomachs(True Fact), these guys will eat to the maximum, and it will all come out in fish waste almost an hour to 2 hours later.
Due to such Fish waste, it builds what is called "Ammonia", ammonia is pretty much the amount of waste within your aquarium, and when build up is detrimental to fish. and believe or not, these guys produce plenty of it making them quite the hard fish to keep healthy, especially in smaller tanks.
The average recommendation to how many goldfish you can have is one per 10 litre of water. anymore and you will be over populating and producing far to much waste for such a small tank.
The bigger the tank, the better for these guys. in general actually, the bigger the tank, the easier.
Not my recommendation to the new starters in aquatics.

Next is Tropical.
Tropical tanks are a heated tank, most commonly sitting around 26Degrees celcius. There is so much variety in tropical ranging from easy(Tetra's, Mollies and Guppy's) to Expert (Discus, Established planted tanks and Breeding).
In my personal opinion tropical is the easiest tank to start with and definitely has potential once you get some experience! things to consider with tropical tanks, are sizes. the bigger the better. the best size is 3ft, these tanks arent small, but aren't massive and can fit nearly all species of tropical fish! anything smaller is difficult to maintain and only for experts. Filtering for tropical tanks are extremely important. the best filters are Canisters and Sumps. Canister filters are the most common, cheaper and easy to use. canisters filters generally have a 3 system filtering, which runs through Sponge, Carbon and Bio Noodles. Canisters are what i recommend(800 Litres per hour+ for 3ft).
tropical has a wide variety in fish, going from tetras to shark, sharks are great fish, you have quite the selection and they are simply a great fish to watch.
Discus, now these guys are for the experts, extremely colourful and beautiful fish, VERY hard to keep as they are so touchy. another factor that doesn't help is that they are one of the most expensive fish, but damn is the outcome worth it when you master it! these tanks are for the familys who dont really have the time to maintain the tank regularly, and love something to watch.
Definitely my recommendation to all sorts of hobbyists.

Now cichlids.
cichlids are attractive, active, are generally quite durable fish. The Cichlid family offers the widest variety of body shapes, a vast range of sizes, and some very beautiful coloration and patterning. These characteristics are further complimented by their remarkable behavior, highly complex yet ritualistic. They are very active, intriguing, and many cichlids can be very personable, readily greeting their keepers and begging for food. All these traits make cichlids a favorite aquarium fish. Some cichld species, both African Cichlids and South American Cichlids, reach an impressive size and are great specimens for a large show tank. However some are not really suitable for the home aquarium due to size. But most seen in the hobby have a mix of fascinating of characteristics and are a delight to keep. cichlids are found in Africa, Central and South America, and a few species from parts of Asia. Central and South America comprises a huge geographic area with greatly diverse habitats ranging from savannas to rain forests. Other types of cichlids are from the great rift lakes of Africa, as well as other lakes, rivers and streams. Consequently cichlids are found in a wide variety of conditions.
I recommend these guys to those who are past the beginner stage, and love some colour. tanks larger then 4ft are generally recommended for these guys.

I hope this has helped in your decision.

Regards, Cj.
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