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    Helpful Tools & Programs
    Last update: May 14th 2020

      * - Entries with an asterisk may not be free!

Antispyware & Antimalware

    Keep in mind it is not recommended to have more than 1 anti-virus installed at a time, as they may conflict with each other, resulting in security loopholes and general performance decrease. Ultimately defeating the purpose of having them in the first place!
    For proper uninstall of an antivirus software make sure you check its website for a tool as most require you to get the latest uninstallers to properly remove all background processes, agents, and undo registry entries. Example (Bitdefener): https://www.bitdefender.com/uninstall/

Audio, Communication, Gaming & Video


Computer Benchmarking, Diagnostics & Information

Data Recovery & Backup

File Archiving, Compression & Decompression

Password Management

Utilities & Others

Windows Optimization

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