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Apr 1 2007 09:30pm
Here is a melee/caster guide that i made with looooooooove for ya all!!! wub.gif

The Stats

for rogue : 5vita/5int
for fighter : 10 int
for barb : 10 int

and you put the rest in intelligence, of course ...

the start stats are what i prefer ... you need to try some combinaisons to find what YOU prefer!


The Melee Part : 1-15 without regen

***Life per Kill is THE key to do 1-15 without regen!!***


First of all, you need weapons with enchanced effect.
An high ee weapon tier III can get you easyly to lvl 10.
then you just need a lvl 10 weapon with 75+ ee to get you to lvl 15, thats it!

---Armor + Charm combo---

The cheapest way to go is only 100+ lpk armor and charms ... but in those case, you would need to regen some times after lvl 11-12

An other way to go is to use a high max life armor (or charm) and a 150+ lpk charm (or armor)!
if you have a good enough weapon, you sure to get 1-15 without any regen!!!

The Caster Part : 15-45

---Weapons and armors---

The most important stat on weapons and armors for 15-45 is intelligence.
But for those lvls, life per kill and life per combat round can DOUBLE your speed!!!
so even if you have only 20 int on a weapon or armor with 150 mpk, it would work better than a 50int weap or arm for those lvls!!!
***i dont like max magic cause you need to put off regen gear to get the max magic to the maximum!***


The best would be to have a 150+ ee charm for every 10 lvls!!!
why not every 5 lvls????
cause with a lvl 25 charm and a lvl 30charm with same EE, the mana cost doesnt worth the difference of dmg!!!
you would hit for less with the lvl 25 charm, but with the lvl 30 one, you would run out of mana after 2 mobs!
dont forget that its melee/caster : VERY low mana!
once again, the MPK and MPCR are very useful!

The Hard Part : 45-71

yes, it is the hard part because its where mobs hit you for 1k +
Also, they kill you when you try to run!
But you will still have a lot of fun!


Now only intelligence matter on the weapon, get the highest int weap possible!!!!
Also, dext is a + cause it protect you a bit against critical hits!!!!
The MPK and MPCR are now pointless ... they will give you back 1 hit per regen, wich is kinda lame ...


For the armor, same thing as weapon : INT FTW!
mpk and mpcr are also pointless for those lvls!
There is something that can help you a LOT : the EE!!!
if you can get a 25-35int/150+ ee lvl 40+ scale or mail armor, it would work better than an 45-50 armor!!
because of the def, mobs frequently hit you for 0!
dext would also be an add, since ee doesnt protect against crits!!!


If you can afford it, get a 180+ ee lvl 45 charm!!
The int is also a + on charms, but not a most!
dext is also a +, for the same reason as arm and charms


The Regen : 15-45


[color=#0000ff]For those lvl, you run out of mana wayyyy before life!
dont forget it : better is your regen gear, faster you will be!
15-45 is only a matter of MANA! so you mostly need to get mana regen gear!
dual regen shits are recommended, and lowest lvl possible!

[B]The Regen : 45-71<b


Passed lvl 45, you begin to lose a lot more life, due to crits hits
so now its almost a must to have dual regen gear!!!!
(i was using 7/7 charm, 6/6 armor and 9magic/4life weapon and it was working very fine)
even if you have dual regen things, you should also get a 10+ life regen weapon OR armor OR charm
why??? just because sometime you lose a lot of life and dont need to regen mana ... it would just be quicker

<SPAN STYLE='color: #008000'>I'm sry if there is a lot of spelling/grammar/whatever errors, but plz forgive me, english is FAR to be my main language ^^

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Apr 1 2007 09:35pm
Very nice guide. You should pm a mod to add it to the character guides sticky.
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Apr 1 2007 09:36pm
Quote (Jager @ Sun, Apr 1 2007, 11:35pm)
Very nice guide. You should pm a mod to add it to the character guides sticky.

yeah i already pmed scott about it ^^

edit: damn ... i eddited something, and not it all fucked up and cant edit anymore hahaha!

This post was edited by jmbjmbjmb on Apr 1 2007 10:04pm
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Apr 2 2007 07:40am
Very nice work dude, short and nice biggrin.gif

btw. you can also PM Gary or Martin about it and they edit your Guide smile.gif

Should be definetely added to the Char Guides in the Stickie :]

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Apr 2 2007 07:42am
I'll ask decadence if he can add it to the sticky thing .. lol

very nice guide ... simple and straight to the point ... good job happy.gif
G fOr GoSu
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Apr 2 2007 08:07am
nice one mate
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Apr 2 2007 10:33am
perfect jm, and nice and short smile.gif

easy one t understand 10/10
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Apr 2 2007 11:13am
ADD IT! smile.gif

nice 1 mate! easy to understand + very helpfull
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Apr 2 2007 11:36am
yea def add this to sticky, we need a melee caster guide up there nice work dude
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Apr 2 2007 11:49am
very nice guide jmb, it helps alot smile.gif i hope it gets stickied with the rest of the guides biggrin.gif nice job!
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