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Beginners Guide to ROTMG.

Before we begin, I would like to say this. Death is an inevitable part of ROTMG. If you think it is stupid, go play another game.

Let us begin.

Starting Class's

Wizards - http://www.realmeye.com/wiki/wizard
The initial starter class, and one of the best for Godlands farming because of their DPS and their Spell Bomb (ability) can get you SB (Soulbound) on basically anything.

Necromance - http://www.realmeye.com/wiki/necromancer
Roughly the same as Wizards except they have a Life Tap heal instead of a Bomb.

Priests - http://www.realmeye.com/wiki/priest
Great for new people as they can heal themselves and others. Similar to a Necro except their heal is NOT a life tap. They also have an extended range over others.

When you start this game the best way to level up is to find a train, and follow that train and get XP from it. Some people say level 5, some people say level 10, so on so forth. When you are comfortable with the level you have gotten you will teleport to what is called a "GodTrain" which will be located in the Godlands. You follow that train till level 20.

Now that you are level 20, you should continue with the train OR a small pack of people (I would not recommend soloing Godlands until you are familiar with the attack patterns of all the Gods). You will get potion drops off of these Gods, along with Bag drops. The purple bags can drop you decent starter gear such as; Master robe, and Horror Staff. Which make it so much easier to farm more pots and more gear.

You have a few options at this point regarding potions;
1. Use them as you get them.
This is ONLY advisable if you are comfortable with your ability to survive.

2. Save up all your potions in your Vault, or on mules. Then use them once you have enough for at least max Def.
This is a safer option. Doing it this way will help ensure your survival within the Godlands.

3. Create the character you really would like to pot up, and "bench" them. Farm the Godlands on your Wizard (or whatever class you chose) and drink the pots on your secondary character.
This is the SAFEST option considering you are never putting your potted character in danger. You do this by either paying for a second character slot via Realmgold, or creating a secondary account and using the character slot that comes with it.


Q. I DIED! where are my items! Where has my character gone!?
A. ROTMG is a Perma Death game. When you die you are dead, that is it. You died, you lost your character and all of its items (including its stats). You did gain some fame though. However items stored in your vault are not character specific, considering Vault is bound to your account. So if you die the items in your vault will be fine.

Q. How do I find out what an item of mine is worth?
A. Check the Prices on www.Realmeye.com ( http://www.realmeye.com/current-offers )

Q. Why are stat potions so important?
A. Stat potions Permanently increase the skill that the potion is for. Ex. If you drink a Def potion your Defense will go up 1. This continues until you reach the skill cap of that certain class.

Q. I am running around Nexus and trying to figure out what to do! What do I do? Where do I go!?
A. Well welcome to the game! If you run to the Northern most area of the Nexus, you will see "Caves". These Caves have names associated with them and they are called realms.
Example: Cyclops 45/85 -- This means the Realm called Cyclops within your server (Realms are specific to servers), has 45 people out of the 85 person limit. The realm can hold more than 85 but no one may enter after it has reached 85 or higher. Unless you do the Tutorial. To join the realm you simply mouse over the Enter Realm button on the bottom right hand of your ROTMG window. Bellow Inventory.

Q. What is the cap of this certain skill for this certain Character?
A. If you go to the following link. You can scroll down and see the max stat of each stat for each character. ( http://www.realmeye.com/wiki/class-comparisons )

Q. All of the sudden my world starting shaking and I was transported to a new place with a bunch of people! What happend?
A. You have been transported to Oryx's Castle (Oryx is known as the Mad God). The goal here is to clear to the Stone Guardians, and then go inside Oryx's Chamber where Oryx himself is. Now you help kill Oryx, or tele out depending on your confidence level. He can drop decent gear.

Q. What is fame and what is it good for?
A. Fame is a sort of Currency basically. You get it when you die on a character. You get more fame the more Gods/Monsters you kill, as you can imagine characters that do more and/or stay around longer tend to get more fame. You also get more fame for fame bonus's which you can find here. ( http://www.realmeye.com/wiki/fame-bonuses ). With the Fame you are able to Feed your Pet or Upgrade your Pet Yard.

Q. What can a Guild offer me?
A. Guilds themselves directly offer you nothing, there is no bonus's or perks to joining a guild. The people on the other hand tend to be very helpful. Most guilds run events such as WineCeller runs, or Event Hunting.

Q. I know I did enough damage on that God! Why didn't I get a bag?
A. If you got the required Soul-bound Damage (which I BELIEVE is around 10% of their health in the Godlands) you are not guaranteed a drop. It just gives you the chance to get a drop.

Q. What do I do if I can't get to my pot bag?! There is a lot of other people around and I don't want them stealing it!
A. Well the bag is Soulbound so calm yourself! All bags except the BrownBag are Soulbound. Meaning only you can see them. So you have plenty of time to clear what you need to and reach that bag.

Q. I finally got a decent drop! But, what is my item not selling? Why are people offering way less than it is worth?
A. On JSP higher priced items tend to go for far less than they go in ROTMG, for various reasons of course. Most often people don't wish to spend mass amounts of FG on an item that is hardly better than its predecessor. Or simply no one is ISO that item at this time. If you want an item to go fast, price it to go fast.

Q. How do I Teleport to someone?
A. You can simply click on their name on your mini-map and click "Teleport". Or you can type /teleport name. You cannot Teleport to Rogues who are cloaked.

Q. I am level 20, how do I find the Godlands?
A. Generally if you run toward the center of the map you will cross into Godlands. It is easy to spot because, well there will be gods. You can also identify it by the often burnt looking ground. Sections of it also appear to be ice or snow. Your best bet would be to zoom out your minimap, and then find a group of level 20's and tele directly to them. However this can come with it's risks.

Q.I keep seeing people say "I am 4/8" "I am 6/8". What does this mean!
A. The ?/8 is the number of stats they have maxed out of the 8 stats. Most often 4/8 reflects Defense / Attack / Speed / Dexterity. Life is almost always the last stat maxed.

Q. What exactly is a "Train"?
A. A train is a group of people who run along a path, or some sort of set rout, and kill EVERYTHING.

Random Tips And Facts

1. Never be hesitant to Nexus. It will save your life.
2. Change your Nexus to a more accessible key such as R, or F. I personally chose R.
3. Lava is hot. It will kill you.
4. Air is good, when in Trench be sure to find it or you will suffocate.
5. Off Center is worth it, it increases your viewing distance. Try it out.
6. Zoom your Minimap in to avoid backing into God's while you are Off Center.
7. Turrets in Tutorial help Accuracy.
8. You can zoom your Minimap in and out by either manually clicking the up/down arrows in the top right of your minimap. Or by using your mouse's scroll wheel.
9. Once you reach 230 Base fame. It takes roughly 8x more time to go up 1 additional fame.
10. Once a realm closes you can do the tutorial (achieved by typing /tutorial) which will give you a random chance at being put into the realm. Even when closed.
11. When you are confused. Your movement keys are changed. S and A are swapped, and W and D are swapped. Your rotate camera keys Q and E are also swapped.
12. Shotguns hurt.
13. Typing /Pause makes you invincible. You cannot die or take damage while you are paused, but you can also not regain health or deal damage. You must be far enough away from danger to pause.
14. You can get SB drops while you are paused, as long as you deal damage before pausing.
15. If you are getting FPS lag and are using FireFox. Close down PluginManager.exe from your Task Manager and reload the webpage.
16. If you are getting FPS lag and are using Google Chrome. Close down Chrome.exe from your Task Manager and reload the webpage.
17. You cannot Teleport to cloaked targets.
18. Shift + LMB Click is another way to use your Ability.

Helpful links

ROTMG Page -- http://www.realmofthemadgod.com
ROTMG Slang -- http://www.realmeye.com/wiki/rotmg-slang-to-english
All Equipment -- http://www.realmeye.com/wiki/equipment
Fame Farm Guide -- http://www.realmeye.com/wiki/fame-earning
Class's and Stats -- http://www.realmeye.com/wiki/classes
Realmeye -- http://www.realmeye.com
Direct ROTMG Wiki -- http://community.kabam.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?1089-Realm-of-the-Mad-God

Credits to Shn
( Outdated Guide http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=61995986&f=174 )
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