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#1 Jan 29 2014 10:56am
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A few months ago we had a Tournament called Farmathon going on. It was a lot of fun even though it came down to only 5 people. There were some sick findings and some solid scores. You can find that one here: http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=69183933&f=161.

Now it's almost time again.


We will use the same set of rules and the Tournament will be pretty much the same as the last one. Hopefully with more competitors pressing the scores even further.

The Tournament: Farm up to 10 eligable items from any level 85 area with or without a boss to get a score - highest score wins!

Here's what you need to compete in Farmorethon:

1. A Hardcore character
2. A Walkthrough posted on d2jsp or atleast some kind of summary of it
3. Integrity

Below you can find the level 85 areas. The numbers are the minimum/maximum amount of Boss Packs spawned per area!

Mausoleum - 4/5
Pit Level 1 - 6/8
Pit Level 2 - 2/3
Maggot Lair 3 - 4/5
Ancient Tunnels - 6/8
Forgotten Temple - 2/2
Ruined Fane - 2/2
Disused Reliquary - 2/2
River of Flame - 6/7
Chaos Sanctuary - 6/7
Chaos Sanctuary - Diablo
Worldstone Keep 1 - 6/8
Worldstone Keep 2 - 6/8
Worldstone Keep 3 - 6/8
Throneroom - 4/5
Worldstone Chambber - Baal


* Your character must be Hardcore
* /players 8 must be on at all times DURING the Tournament
* Only manual play
* Untwinked (no muling)
* Ladder Runewords allowed
* PlugY allowed but only with patch 1.13c or 1.13d (Annihilus and Torch allowed)
* If you die you lose

* When you find an item take a screenshot of it dropping (on the ground, untouched). Take a screenshot of it identified in your inventory with the keyword announced as the Tournament is about to start. Both of these screenshots are required to get points for the item. When this is done you can do whatever you want with the item (use it, sell it, stash it, whatever!)

* ONLY items found within the Tournament time frame gives you score. Items found before or after does not.

* I will give myself the freedom of disqualifying anyone who I think is cheating.

* You are free to run more than one, or all, areas!

Scoring System:

Only certain items count. They are of highest Treasure Class (TC) and therefor the hardest to find.

The scoring will be based on the most common High TC elite item, IK Maul. Below you can find the complete score list.

Immortal King's Stone Crusher: 1
Dangoon's Teaching: 1.3
Laying of Hands: 1.4
Dark Adherent: 1.6
Credendum: 1.7
Natalya's Shadow: 1.7
Sazabi's Cobalt Redeemer: 1.9
Arioc's Needle: 2.3
Bonehew: 2.3
M'avina's Embrace: 2.3
Ondal's Almighty: 2.3
Wizardspike: 2.3
Shadow Killer: 2.4
Ethereal Edge: 2.5
Windhammer: 2.5
Hellrack: 2.6
Hellslayer: 2.6
Lightsabre: 2.6
Viperfork: 2.6
Demon Limb: 2.8
Gimmershred: 2.8
Stone Crusher: 2.9
Jade Talon: 3
Naj's Light Plate: 3.1
Naj's Puzzler: 3.1
Sazabi's Ghost Liberator: 3.1
Baranar's Star: 3.2
Djinn Slayer: 3.2
Rune Master: 3.2
Tal Rasha's Guardianship: 3.2
Trang-Oul's Girth: 3.2
Aldur's Deception: 3.3
Bloodmoon: 3.3
Demon's Arch: 3.3
Flamebellow: 3.3
Taebaek's Glory: 3.3
The Reaper's Toll: 3.3
Trang-Oul's Guise: 3.3
Nord's Tenderizer: 3.5
Razor's Edge: 3.6
Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge: 3.8
Bul-Kathos' Tribal Guardian: 3.8
Ormus' Robes: 3.9
Sandstorm Trek: 3.9
Harlequin Crest: 4.1
Andariel's Visage: 4.3
Cranebeak: 4.3
Griswold's Valor: 4.3
Immortal King's Soul Cage: 4.3
Lacerator: 4.3
M'avina's True Sight: 4.3
Natalya's Mark: 4.3
Tomb Reaver: 4.3
Verdungo's Hearty Cord: 4.3
Widowmaker: 4.3
Wraith Flight: 4.3
Eschuta's Temper: 4.6
Fleshripper: 4.6
Frostwind: 4.6
Gut Siphon: 4.6
Messerschmidt's Reaver: 4.6
Thunderstroke: 4.7
The Gladiator's Bane: 4.9
Marrowwalk: 5
Stormshield: 5
Firelizard's Talons: 5.2
M'avina's Caster: 5.2
Doombringer: 5.7
Eaglehorn: 5.7
Horizon's Tornado: 5.7
Leviathan: 5.7
Medusa's Gaze: 5.7
Nightwing's Veil: 5.7
Veil of Steel: 5.7
Warshrike: 5.7
Arachnid Mesh: 5.9
Blackoak Shield: 5.9
Dracul's Grasp: 5.9
Stoneraven: 6
Nosferatu's Coil: 6.6
Soul Drainer: 6.6
Spike Thorn: 6.6
Steel Shade: 6.6
Blood Raven's Charge: 6.7
Wolfhowl: 7.3
Arkaine's Valor: 7.8
Azurewrath: 7.8
Head Hunter's Glory: 7.8
Ondal's Wisdom: 7.8
Boneshade: 7.9
Demonhorn's Edge: 7.9
Giant Skull : 8.1
Spirit Ward: 8.1
Steel Carapace: 8.1
Alma Negra: 9.1
Death Cleaver: 9.3
Earth Shifter: 9.3
Executioner's Justice : 9.3
Gargoyle's Bite: 9.3
Ghostflame: 9.3
Steel Pillar: 9.3
Stormspire: 9.3
The Cranium Basher: 9.3
The Grandfather: 9.3
Windforce: 9.3
Griswold's Honor: 9.8
Heaven's Light: 9.8
The Redeemer: 9.8
Boneflame: 10.4
Halaberd's Reign: 10.4
Crown of Ages: 10.7
Griffon's Eye: 10.7
Shadow Dancer: 10.7
Steelrend: 10.7
Templar's Might: 10.7
Cerebus' Bite: 11
Griswold's Redemption: 11.3
Schaefer's Hammer: 11.6
Spirit Keeper: 14.2
Dragonscale: 14.6
Ravenlore: 14.6
Death's Fathom: 16.8
Stormlash: 17
Darkforce Spawn: 19.3
Astreon's Iron Ward: 27.8
Mang Song's Lesson: 27.8
Death's Web: 27.9
Tyrael's Might: 48.2

This means that the highest possible score is 482 (10x Tyrael's Might) and the lowest possible score is 10 (10x Immortal King's Stone Crusher).

ONLY these items at these locations count. If you run Diablo or Baal you are free to kill Diablo and Baal aswell as count their drops to your score. Sparkly Chest drops in these areas are also allowed. The earliest level 85 area is Mausoleum, which means you should have progressed atleast thus far to compete in this Tournament.

Runes, runewords, rares, magics or other items does not count. Consider them a bonus to your effort!


Starts: Friday the 21:st of February
Ends: Friday the 21:st of March

This will give you enough time to level/prepare a character than can compete for the top spots!


1:st place: XXX forum gold
2:nd place: XXX forum gold
3:rd place: XXX forum gold

The amount depends on donations. Last time the winner got 450fg, runner-up 210fg and third place 100fg.

It's free to join the Tournament! Donations for the prize pool is welcome though!

I stole the idea from the incgamers forum. The Scoring System aswell. I don't think anyone would mind as I've also changed it up a bit. A good idea is awlays worth using!

Anyone can join, and if you're thinking of starting a WT but haven't gotten to it yet. Now would be a good time to start! :)

This Tournament is for some extra motivation. Since we are all about untwinked chracters here this will add some extra spice into finding items we don't need aswell! :)

If I, let's say, come in on third place the forum gold will go to the one who finnished fourth! I do reserve myself the bragging rights of coming third place though ;)


Please post with this format to join and update your progress:

Player: sebhehe
Character: DARE
Target Area: The Pits Level 1 and 2 + Ancient Tunnels + Chaos Sanctuary
Current Score and items found: 0

I wish everyone the best of luck and I hope to see you competing with me and many more on the 21:st of February!

If you have any questions or if I missed something, let me know!
#2 Jan 29 2014 10:57am
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Gold: 1,003.00
Player: sebhehe
Character: DARE or HCLRWPN
Target Area: The Pits Level 1 and 2 + Ancient Tunnels + Chaos Sanctuary
Current Score and items found: 0
#3 Jan 29 2014 11:04am
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Gold: 0.00
Player: Woolo
Character: TBA
Target Area: Pits probably
Current score: 0
#4 Jan 29 2014 11:07am
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I'll be in sporadically.

Player: buniac(thebot)
Character: Anya
Target Area: WSK 2+3 + Throne/Baal, Pits
Current Score and items found: 0
#5 Jan 29 2014 11:11am
Group: Retired Moderator
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Trader: Trusted
Player: FantaExotic
Character: Sir
Target Area: Chaos sanctuary
Current Score and items found: 0

This post will always be up to date.

This post was edited by FantaExotic on Jan 29 2014 11:36am
#6 Jan 29 2014 11:14am
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Gold: 0.00
Player: JukeBOXX
Character: Jedan
Target Area: Not sure yet
Current Score and items found: 0

This post was edited by JukeBOXX on Jan 29 2014 11:18am
#7 Jan 29 2014 11:31am
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Gold: 74.00
Player: Mac1
Character: Druid
Target Area: The Pit
Current Score and items found: 0
#8 Jan 29 2014 11:56am
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Gold: 30.00
Tracking for sure! I'm considering reinstalling plugy so I can play on my Sin.
#9 Jan 29 2014 12:09pm
Group: Member
Posts: 13,541
Joined: Jan 1 2011
Gold: 3,515.00
Player: LiiMule
Character: Murmeldjur
Target Area: The Pits Level 1 and 2
Current Score and items found: 0
#10 Jan 29 2014 12:12pm
Group: Member
Posts: 31,609
Joined: Mar 15 2007
Gold: 11,630.00
Player: B3rt
Character: FreshprinceSORC
Target Area: The Pits Level 1 and 2 + Ancient Tunnels + pindleskin/nihlatak
Current Score and items found: 0
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