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Group: Member
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Nov 20 2013 11:34pm
Finally a way to make my friends stop fighting. [x] Yes
Group: Trade Moderator
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Joined: Apr 9 2007
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Nov 21 2013 01:16am
A lovely idea my dear chap.
Well yes indeed I agreed.

(Yes from me).
Good suggestion, I think it can come in handy for a lot of people.
Group: Member
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Joined: Jul 3 2010
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Nov 21 2013 04:02pm
Quote (Armenians @ Nov 21 2013 12:46am)
Yes it will rotate the friends. The point he is trying to make is, If some people who have 3 or 4 friends and is close with all of them, it will rotate them I believe everytime the page is refreshed.

Quote (A2K @ Nov 21 2013 12:58am)
Its less awkward when machine rotates your topfriends, so you dont have to answer, why someone is above another.
Friends comes also more equal.

OOOKAY, I understand now. I guess I just haven't made enough friends here yet to see how this would really benefit myself!
Since you put it that way, yes from me! Goodluck!
Group: Member
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Nov 21 2013 05:44pm
That's a weird idea but yeah.
Group: Member
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Joined: Jun 13 2013
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Nov 21 2013 09:29pm
Voted yes ;)
Group: Member
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Nov 22 2013 09:28am
You have my yes Dede.
Good idea.
Group: Member
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Nov 22 2013 01:06pm
pls yesss 32 slots >
Group: Member
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Nov 22 2013 03:21pm
Got my [X] Yes.
Group: Retired Moderator
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Nov 22 2013 03:29pm
ya from me
Group: Member
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Nov 22 2013 03:57pm
Quote (RatM @ 20 Nov 2013 21:45)
[x] Yes


I will forever rotate Kody.

[x] Yes!
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