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#1 Oct 8 2013 03:23pm
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My brand new WT. What's special this time? No rerun with a not-so-easy build, a bowazon!

I know this build may not be as special as my previous ones (defensive pally/sorc, summon druid, etc...) but I hope the no rerun rule will make you follow this one too :)

I'll do my best to finally reach A2 Hell!


Mainly strafer with Max valk and decoy to help tanking! I will prolly put some point in magic arrow or frozen arrow for immune in hell, I'll see!


- No program of any kind (maphack, editors, Plugy, big stash, etc...)
- Ladder runeword enabled
- No rerun
- No rebuild


- Reach A2 hell (Again :ph34r: )
- Find an end-game unique or rare bow

Lets go!

Den done!

Blood Raven down

#2 Oct 8 2013 03:25pm
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I took a lot of ss in nightmare and hell, but not in norm, so fast progress!

Saving my old friend that I never listen

Countess, first rune

#3 Oct 8 2013 03:25pm
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Woopwoop, first!
GL with this bud, you will need it :P

#4 Oct 8 2013 03:26pm
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With my rule, I open every chest and every barrel...

My new bow

#5 Oct 8 2013 03:28pm
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I guess I will pray for good quest drop...this one isnt so bad...Andy was not that easy but norm is norm...!

Quote (Jimbo92 @ Oct 8 2013 05:25pm)
Woopwoop, first!
GL with this bud, you will need it :P


Thank you sir!

By the way, I started this one when I started to post my Druid, so Im pretty far right now... :)

Thats it for the moment, gotta go boxing for the enxt 2 hours.

Thanx for following!

Nataure :bouncy:
#6 Oct 8 2013 03:28pm
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Will follow this!

Nice idea!

Good luck!! :D


Go find more artic! the set rocks xD

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#7 Oct 8 2013 03:30pm
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Good luck, especially with no big stash. This is the kind of replay I like, but man, it's going to be really hard. All I can tell you is that without big plus skills, if you get a decent damage bow, level 20 magic arrow can take down Stoneskin/PI Heph on P8 no problemo, as long as you have a sturdy Valk. It's why I love me the Witchy so much.
#8 Oct 8 2013 03:44pm
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will keep my eye on this one, my strafer started to just get destroyed around level 30
#9 Oct 8 2013 04:42pm
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Easy as hell... no joke... you won't even need to do much after level 30 except Valk / decoy and bow merc upto hell diff, but best to get holy freeze merc beforehand.
Freezing arrow will be your Hell best friend (1 base point) and do NOT up it unless you have ml and maek, if you want more cold damage, then up cold arrow (12% synergy) to slvl10 or 15

Hope you well with this... I am doing a levelling WT based on killing basically everything... you should take some note of it, since you are not rerunning areas....


Oh... it is a bowazon also... it also uses strafe... it also uses valk... and also going with FA, and not rerunning areas... difference is... it is using gear to kill faster... this is why I said you will rely
on your valk later on... with my previous WTs (untwinked) it was my valk that kill Ancients while I hid under a rock.

Goodluck and have fun... just don't do what I did the first time... I thought I could take on Dclone with junk gear in Act2 Hell... then I made a mistake with my other zon WT re-entering tower lvl5 knowing I could die, and I did... :rofl:

EDIT: if you are lucky... some good set items (which you already know of) are:
Cleglaws Gloves... other than the Knockback... the Slow enemy 20% is great
Cathans Ring (want 2 of these)... other than the 6% LL... if you can equip one other Cathan item (other than weapon) you gain 10 str per ring (20 total and saves stat points)
Sigon Gloves + Helm combo... 30% IAS / 10% LL and Attack rating... got to love that combo.
Hsarus Belt + Boot combo... cold / fire res and Attack rating... again love that Attack rating.
Sanders Boots... I like the 40% FRW and the 5 dex + 10 str stats.
M'Avinas Belt... 20% FRW / Cold damage etc

There are alot of others... hope this helps... I am sure you know what weapons you are after

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#10 Oct 8 2013 05:18pm
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hey, this char looks a little more promising for reaching hell a2 lol ;)

should have made it a valk&plague - azon! :P

good luck, and never feel too cocky, that's when you end up with a death :(
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