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#1 Sep 21 2013 09:49pm
Group: Member
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Joined: Apr 9 2007
Gold: 0.49
Start up with me any USpve server, ive quest to 65 before like a year or two ago so i can help us to figure out as to which quest are best to do etc

just would like a friend or 2 to start fresh and play every now and then

#2 Nov 19 2013 12:53pm
Group: Member
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Joined: Oct 10 2009
Gold: 4.80
Still looking for someone to start up with you? Im new to RoM and would love a questing buddie
#3 Jan 28 2014 03:46pm
Group: Member
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Joined: Dec 8 2012
Gold: 68.70
I may be interested get back to me! Huge into wow but kinda want something new
#4 Feb 3 2014 10:45pm
Group: Member
Posts: 2,412
Joined: Feb 3 2008
Gold: 15.00
hey guys im on Artemis US, just started up myself prolly 2 weeks ago now.

tho im already 76/55 lol (no life atm lol)
hit me up if ya come to Artemis tho,
Toon is Grimspiller
gm of a small newbie ish guild as well :P
#5 Feb 11 2014 02:05am
Group: Member
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Joined: Nov 15 2013
Gold: 1,930.00

Good guild here as well, XXgimli in game player.
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