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#1 Jun 4 2013 03:31am
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Is this game good and really fun to play? and is it anything like Wow or League??
#2 Jun 4 2013 09:08am
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it was awesome in 2009 AND still has the best pvp of any title to date. Similar to WOW, not so much LoL

edit: although, the population does lack 75% of the time, depending upon your tier and time, prime-time ftw

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#3 Jun 6 2013 08:33am
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I purchased at 09 and it was awesome after playing world of warcraft.

However there is like no population so you will find urself pretty much alone in a massive world.That ruins the game.

Also can't understand ea to make game monthly paid for it,if they would go for 1 time cd key purchase it would possibly get better.

My suggestions : Don't start.Its nice game and properly designed.However lacks almost everything to become a solid "online" game.
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