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Old School Rs Trading Forum Rules and Policies

1. Forum Rules and Policies

2. Servicess

3. Account Security

4. Outside Links

The purpose of this thread is to ensure a safe and legal trading environment for our users. Please acknowledge and follow the information posted below in order to properly conduct trades on this site.

Section 1. Forum Rules and Policies

General site rules and trading policies apply for this forum aswell:

Forum Rules
Trade Rules

Please use the report system as often as you can so we can keep this forum clean and enjoyable for all of us:

d2jsp Report System
How to Report Forum Violations
Where Do I Have To Report If?

Section 2. Services


Service trades can be posted here as long as long as they are properly tagged. To do it correctly, before opening a new service thread click on the New Service tab located on the top right corner of the forum page. You can offer or request services consisting in questing, skill training and mini-games. Such services can be assisted by a mediator at your request, but only if you have the topic posted in the service tab and only if the payment consists in forum gold. Attempting to request a mediator will not work in a service for which the payment is other currency than forum gold.
If you have your forum gold feature removed or a scammer tag, you are not allowed to trade here. You cannot offer your service or apply for one even if the payment consists in game currency.

Runescape display name trades
  • Runescape display name trades are allowed to be conducted here with the condition that the payment must be done with forum gold. Mediators will not help you with such trades. If you have a Runescape display name to sell or looking to buy one you can open a FT or ISO topic in the trading area of the Runescape subforum.

To ensure a safe and successful service trade you may need to be aware of the following notes:
- keep a bank pin on your account
- have the recovery questions active and authenticator
- bank any items you want to save, besides the provided tools, equipment and supplies
- have screen shoots taken with your bank, quest tab, levels or starting experience in the skill(s) needed to be trained
- use a mediator all the time

Mediators cannot help you with:
- staking
- gambling
Such activities are not supported on this section, please refrain to post any threads related to them.

Account Renting

If you are the owner of an account on OSRS servers, you can now rent it receiving in return forum gold or rsgp.
You can post an account renting topic under the service tab in the Runescape trading grounds.

Illegal Trades:
- trading, exchanging, giving away runescape accounts
- trading membership cards, pins, codes outside of the Donor Forum
- trading any kind of training or transfer methods, bug abuses, exploits or glitches
- infernal cape services
- providing merchanting services or hiring users for such services, including item flipping

Section 3. Account security

Scammer Accusations

You can post your Scammer Accusations here.
The best way to avoid being scammed is to use a Mediator
To find a Mediator, hit the Request A Mediator button at the top right corner of your topic.
Here is a guide on how to request a Mediator: Detailed Instructions on How To Request A Mediator And Prevent Scams!

Section 4: Outside Links

Any and all outside links MUST be approved by goldbranch. This includes Runescape fan sites and your Clan forums.

Pre-Approved Sites


Thanks for taking the time to read these rules and have fun scaping! :)

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