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#1 Nov 26 2012 10:03pm
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Homework Subforum Rules:

The global community rules apply in this forum, as they do in all sections. Please make sure to read them before posting: Global Forum Rules and Policies

Rules for the Homework Subforum:
  • You are not permitted to ask another user to fully complete your homework. The purpose of this forum is to seek help with your homework, nothing more. This means you can get feedback / criticisms, or proof reading help with your essays, but you cannot hire someone to fully or partially write them. The same applies with other types of homework.
  • Do not post all your homework here, this means you cannot ask for help every day.
  • Be respectful of others and appreciate their attempts to assist you. Even if a user provided you with an incorrect answer, do not insult or berate him/her.
  • Make sure you take the necessary steps to review all help you are given. Check if they could logically be right and read them as often as it takes for you to understand them.
  • Do not intentionally give wrong answers. If you want to help, ensure you understand the subject and you are confident in your ability to provide assistance.
  • Exchanging homework help versus FG is at your own risk. If you participate in these trades, all details needs to be in the thread. Do not trade via PM.

We take a strong stance on plagiarism, if you witness a community member attempting to enlist others in the act of plagiarism, please report it as an Illegal Trade. If you feel urgent attention is necessary, you can send a PM over to a Moderator. Thanks and we appreciate your assistance

The old guideline sticky was masterfully created by Balakai, here.
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