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#821 Nov 1 2018 08:18am
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Quote (672 @ Oct 21 2018 12:01am)
An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn

odd, quirky, funny. it's not for everyone but I thought it was great.

Full front or just tits?

Full frontal Iirc.

That being said, I have no fucking idea how he couldn't follow what was going on, the whole movie was straightforward.
#822 Nov 2 2018 08:05pm
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Watching Burn Notice right now. Not a bad show.
#823 Nov 3 2018 04:26am
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The good place, last episode was good, remains high quality. Season 3 e7

Downloaded a show called Cobra Kai today. Season one. Hope it's good.

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#824 Nov 4 2018 07:51pm
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Just watched Cloverfield, good movie but ending leaves a lot of questions.
#825 Nov 5 2018 11:55am
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just started the american horror story seasons

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