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#1 Jul 14 2012 01:44pm
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Welcome to the Compiled and Updated List of Graphic Design Related Tutorials

Due to the issue of image smashing by some hosting sites, many of the old tutorials were unreadable and thus removed from the list. If you were the original poster of one of these guides that was removed and still have the image(s) saved on your computer, please let me know! I'll be more than happy to add you back on the list after you re-post your guide.
In addition to this if you notice that a guide is missing and it is readable still, please send me a private message with a link to the thread. I'm sure that I've missed some of them!

If you have tutorial(s) or resources what you would like to have added here, please send me a pm. We are always looking for new and helpful guides. Feel free to check out the How to Write a Tutorial guide.
While you are reading the following guides, if you notice any broken links then please let me know.

Thanks and Enjoy!

Signature Tutorials and Methods
Extra / Miscellaneous Tutorials
Digital Painting
This Compiled List was Made Possible by the Original Posters of this Sticky:
#2 Jul 14 2012 01:44pm
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Compiled List of Tutorials Around the Web

This is a major work in progress. Many of the former links were dead or no longer helpful. If you happen to know of a site with beneficial guides, send me a pm and I'll more than likely add it!

General Guides and Helpful Information
Renders - by ~SeeN~, Gauss , Yocard
#3 Jul 14 2012 01:45pm
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Adobe Photoshop
  • Photoshop is the backbone of the graphics community. Photographers call it the "Devils Camera" because you can pretty much do anything with it (given you have the skill.) PS is what most of the graphic artists use for the majority of their work. If you are looking to start graphic designing, learn this program first.
    3D Landscaping

e-on Vue
  • Vue is the current leader in landscape generation. It has the combined attributes of Terragen and Bryce, plus much much more. It's a little tougher to learn than Terragen or Bryce, but it's well worth the learning time. It has great animation skills, and doesn't require any plugins to export the terrain to pretty much any other 3d program. This is very usefull when modeling landscapes in other programs. It also has modeling capacities, and is often used to model such things as castle landspaces. Current version: Vue 5 Infinite.

Corel Bryce
  • Bryce is another 3D Landscape rendering program, but it is not a great one. The renders take maybe 5-10 times longer than that of Terragen, and come out not even half as realistic. A perk of Bryce's that Terragen does not have though, is it can be used for abstracts as well. It also has many things, like bushes, and other landscape items, that Terragen does not offer.

Maxon Cinema 4D
  • Cinema 4D is definatly the most user friendly 3D rendering program that is used by the graphics community. It can create abstract, or even professional models with ease (compared to other programs.) It's renders come out nice and smooth. This is a must for aspiring graphic artists.

Discreet 3d Studio Max
  • 3D Studio Max is not as user friendly as other 3D rendering programs, but it is definatly the most powerful. It's MANY rendering options put other programs renders to shame. If you're looking for the best in 3D capabilities, this is your program.

Alias Maya
  • Maya is a very powerful 3D modeling program. This program is used widely in the gaming industry. If you have ever played Final Fantasy X and above, you have seen the great work this program can do. This program is not as user friendly as C4D, but it is definatly easier than 3DS. So, if you would like great quality, with a moderate challenge, here is your program.

Curious Labs Poser
  • Poser is the ultimate in fast and efficient character design. This program is specifically ment for character design, and animation. The characters you create in this program can easily be exported to other 3d modeling programs, to be integrated into your scenes. If you want realistic characters, and fast, this is what you need.

  • Apophysis is a fractal generation program. You can program your own scripts for it as well. Apophysis is a great program to use for textuing your art. Best of all, it's FREE!
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