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Jul 12 2012 12:56pm
The Trophy Room Guidelines

All Forum Rules apply.

This is the Diablo III Trophy Room -- for posting items or characters that you consider as trophies.

The appropriate section for trading or price checking is the Trading Grounds.

Trophy Room Specific Rules:
  • Do NOT post
    • Item names
    • Magic items
    • Basic items (potions, gold, quest items etc.)
    • Character stats only
  • Please wait 24 hours from the last post before bumping your topic.
  • Do not post "show me" topics. Post YOUR items/characters.
  • No topics asking "is this any good" or "is this a trophy'' -- price checks can be made in the appropriate section of the trade forums.
  • Please post screenshots of the items/characters and not just text. This reduces potential spam replies.
  • Post screens and speak English only

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