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Jun 4 2012 04:14pm
Hi, I have seen this question asked a few times so I decided to make a topic to help you pick the perfect dog breed for you.
In this topic will be questions that will help you select what breed is best for you and I will also add some usefull links.

Picking A Breed
The main questions you should ask yourself is:

Have you ever owned a dog?
Some breeds require a lot more training than other breeds and if you don’t know what to expect it can be too much for you to handle.

Why do I want a dog?
Is it for protection (guard dogs) Is it a play mate? Or just a lazy friend to keep you company? This question can narrow down your choices but you may choose a dog that matches all 3 criteria.

What sort of residence do you have? Apartment / House?
Larger breeds need a lot more space to walk around and stretch their legs.

How big is your garden? Don’t have 1? Small / Meduim / Large.
Garden size is important for you and your dog to bond through playing and a garden is also handy for your dog to do the toilet.

Do you have any children in your home?
If you have a young child you should avoid the larger breeds as the large breeds can knock the child over by accident if it gets excited and also as a large breed puppy they tend to jump up until you train them to know that is not allowed.

How much daily exercise can you provide?
This is very important, if your dog does not get enough exercise they may become over excited and destructive as they would try to burn energy their own way. Just an example a grey hound would be happy with sleeping most the day and a little walk and a husky ( Siberian as they are more active thhan the malamute and I have experience ) requires a walk of at least 6 miles a day ( I walk mine 10 miles a day and he is still full of energy ).

These are the main questions but there are a few others but I don’t find them as important, Purebreeed / hybrid and shedding / grooming.
Here is a list of dog breeds
http://animal.discovery.com/breed-selector/dog-breeds.html Handy site :)

If you would like some quick information on a dog breed you can always go to youtube and search “dogs 101 whatever breed”.

I Hope this basic information helps you choosing the right breed for you.


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Jun 5 2012 02:58pm
I read the whole guide, and I liked it! I will ask you, the day I want a dog :) you seem clever @ this subject
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Jun 29 2012 05:29am
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Jul 10 2012 04:10pm
Quote (Furies @ Jun 29 2012 06:29am)

ty for that link
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Jul 25 2012 11:26am
very nice guide ty :p
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Jul 25 2012 11:52am
Thanks a lot for the guide, can finaly study more about wich dog I'll buy within the next months ^^
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