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Dec 29 2011 12:18pm
Hello everyone! This is not "the big one" that I am still working on, but it does have a lot of nice updates none-the-less. I am still chugging along on the bigger updates (forked out, so I can get as much done in pieces as possible), and hoping to continue more frequent updates in the near future.

In the meantime, here are the 1.23.0 changes and notes:
  • The Vault is now accessible in the catacombs and during combat
  • Added hotkey V for Vault (custom key configs will be reset in this version to accomodate)
  • Item storage summary shown on bottom right of each tab in vault
  • Added Magical level filter to vault withdraw search tab
  • Added Auto Deposit/Transfer setting, which when enabled will automatically deposit/transfer an item dropped/shift clicked into the box
  • There is now a bonus +days forum gold discount for purchasing bulk slots or extended time beyond 30 days on the vault (*note, guild transfers do not get this bonus at this time, see below)
  • Ambush objective frequency adjusted slightly
  • Sneaky mob adjusted to have less life, but more physical defense
  • Glyphing updated to be more tolerant of laggy client connections, will also be slightly faster completion for faster reflexes/connections
  • Slightly tweaked monster attack AI to choose attack types more intelligently
  • "Rooms" are now randomly generated within the catacombs (open spaces)
  • Added new objective: Slash the Swarm (lvl 20)
  • Added new objective: Four Corners (lvl 25)
  • Added new objective: Elemental Education (lvl 45)
  • Added Catacombs Auto Dummy Pilot which will attempt to explore the maze for you automatically. Please note that it is as it says, and will not take the smartest routes, and may sometimes go around in circles, and does not have an explicit intent to explore every unexplored space. Also note that you will still have to engage between fights, and if you find a treasure chest. This feature is for those that "hate to drive", and have no one in their group that wishes to do so.

    The follow are remembered until game refresh/reload (eg; same session):
  • Vault remembers and displays last viewed tab when reopened
  • Vault remembers last category selected on deposit page
  • Vault remembers last Vault # entered on transfer page
  • Added new checkbox to the Settings window to toggle Do Not Disturb (without having to use /dnd)
** As always, please be sure to play this new version thoroughly on softcore before hardcore.

Thanks everyone, and have fun!

Edit Jan 26 2012:
v1.23.1 is also released:
- Fixes numerous small glitches with the vault transfers
- Adds a new configuration option that allows you to use just Click to exit the catacombs, instead of Ctrl-Click (Settings window, under Catacombs)

Edit Apr 28 2012:
- Vault bonus forum gold discount works as follows: If cost amount is 100.01 or higher = 5% discount, 200.01 or higher = 10% discount, 500.01 or higher = 15% discount, 1000.01 or higher = 20% discount

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