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#241 Jan 14 2012 04:39pm
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Thank you for story. =)
#242 Jan 18 2012 01:29pm
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How did you put your skills?
#243 Jan 18 2012 04:43pm
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Quote (DManZ @ 24 Dec 2011 02:13)
Stats w/ Horkin' MF gear on:

All that stuff neatly packed away:

The End? Nah, prolly not. running andy now for atmas...

This has got to be the most fun I've had with this damn game in a long time :)  I went back to my b.net accounts and played for a bit, and the screen update lag was horrible. I never really noticed before.  I have so many nice items on b.net but only a few are self made / found. The rest I don't really care about.  I wanted to play b.net because the items there were a little more "real". Then came the shops and jsp, so the economy is basically crap. I've almost made up my mind to go 100% SP. Almost..

And Thanks for the nice comments everyone!

Now we just need SPAZ's update :)

Do ubertrist now ^^
#244 Jan 18 2012 09:56pm
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Quote (FrederikJensen @ Jan 18 2012 06:43pm)
Do ubertrist now ^^

Look for my next walk through. This barb will be there, but just for his BO...
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