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Gears of War COG Tags

--- Act 1 ---

Prison Area
  • COG Tag 1 - Right after you choose the path you want to take
    there is a COG Tag straight laying under the Gear logo.
  • COG Tag 2 - In the room where the locusts cut through the door.
    you can find the COG Tag back to the left under the stairway across the room you came down.
  • COG Tag 3 - As you exit the door that was previously mentioned into the courtyard,
    to the left there is a stairway. Run up the stairs and turn left right at the
    top. The COG tag is in the near side corner.
Trial By fire
  • COG Tag 4 - Your squad shows this one out to you. In the first small
    courtyard, look to the right of the Gear logo.
  • COG Tag 5 - You cross a bridge over a road and enter a building. Once
    you enter the building with all the pillars and the two emergence holes, it is
    just behind the second emergence hole lying in some weeds.
  • COG Tag 6 - You fight through the roadways with the Trioka guns and get
    to the open area with the fountain in the center, where there will be 4 emergence holes
    here. The COG tag is in the far left corner.
Knock Knock
  • COG Tag 7 - You are told to gain entrance to the house of sovereigns.
    You will enter an open area with stairs leading up to the building. To your far
    left you will see a white van with the Gear logo painted on it. Follow the
    huge hole in the road on the left all the way up, sticking to the edge of the hole.
    The COG tag is in the corner made by where the wall hangs over part of the
  • COG Tag 8 - In the hallway where Jack has to open the door, there are a
    tons of wretches. If you're facing the door that Jack is opening, it is
    in the far left corner.
  • COG Tag 9 - There is a small room that you will enter where you will find the
    body of a soldier named Rojas. As you come down the stairs into this small area, turn right
    immediately. The COG tag is behind the pillar to your right.
China Shop
  • COG Tag 10 - Beginning of this chapter the Berserker kills
    a soldier. Go back to the area where the soldier was killed, and you can pick up his
    cog tag near his dead body. It is in a dead end alley on the left, near some flames.
  • COG Tag 11 - There will be 3 smashable doors. as you proceed through
    this area. To the left of the third smashable door, in a little alcove, immediately before you exit the
    Tomb area.
  • COG Tag 12 - Just after COG Tag 11, you exit into an open courtyard.
    Follow the semi-circle wall and head left. The tag is on the other side of a
    block just after you see the Gear logo.
--- Act II ---

Tick Tick Boom
  • COG Tag 13 - After your choose a path and re-group with your squad,
    You will enter a small room with two stairways in it, one in the very
    middle of the room that will lead you down to a couch. Destroy the couch, and it is
    under the couch.
  • COG Tag 14 - There is a room with a catwalk that is square shaped. When you
    exit the catwalk, you head down some stairs into a street. Turn around and run back up the
    alley formed by the stairs you came down previously from the catwalk and the wall of the next building.
    The COG Tag is at the end of that alleyway, behind a rock.
  • COG Tag 15 - Right before you enter the Settlement, you come up the
    stairs where the Boomer was and the COG tag behind a newspaper machine.
    It will back to the left if you were looking at the stairs
  • COG Tag 16 - On your way to checkpoint number 2, facing the first emergence
    hole, you will see a propane tank in a shed to your left. Shoot the tank so it explodes and
    walk into the shed the COG tag will be lying there.
  • COG Tag 17 - When you enter the area where you have to use the
    spotlight to guide Dom, after you have guided Dom move the spotlight to the far left area near where you entered.
    The COG Tag is sitting in the corner area.
    Just to the left of the lit room of the blown out building, on
    the street.
Dark Labyrinth
  • COG Tag 18 - There is a car with a propane tank in the trunk.
    To get this tag you have to be fast. Facing the car while still in the
    light, look right, and you should see the tag up against a wall. You've got to
    shoot the propane tank in the car, grab the COG tag, and run.
--- Act III ---

  • COG Tag 19 - There is a dock behind the building with the elevator in it,
    on the far right. Run to the end of the dock and you will find the COG Tag.
  • COG Tag 20 - In the room with all the rotting floorboards, the COG Tag is in
    the far right corner.
  • COG Tag 21 - When you enter the room with the carts, follow the stairs
    to the car area and turn around. The COG Tag is to the left of the stairs as you
    look at them.
Darkest Before Dawn
  • COG Tag 22 - After you ride down the drilling platforms, stay next to the
    wall on the right. There will be a path leading down to the right, follow the path which will lead you
    to find the COG tag and some grenades.
  • COG Tag 23 - In the next area after COG Tag 22. You will enter an open area
    and to the right will be a small building. Just to the right of the stairs
    going up to that building, you will find the COG tag.
  • COG Tag 24 - After you choose your path, and re-group with your squad, you must fight your way
    through a narrow hallway with a lot of cover. Right after the hallway and
    before you exit the area, turn around and the COG tag will be laying on a narrow ledge over
    the pool.
--- Act IV ---

Campus Grinder
  • COG Tag 25 - As you enter the first area, to the right there are two
    small staircases. The COG Tag is behind the second small staircase.
Bad To Worse
  • COG Tag 26 - As you enter the second area, before you go down the
    sidewalk with the columns to enter the conservatory, there is a rusty car
    in the street. If you are facing the columns on the sidewalk, it is back and to your right
    behind the rusty car.
Imaginary Place
  • COG Tag 27 - In the second section of the estate, there is a room
    with 4 columns in it, and a desk.
    Destroy the desk and you will find the COG tag.
--- Act V ---

Train Wreck
  • COG Tag 28 - After the last door is opened The Cog is on the left side of the 5th train car,
    after the last door is opened.
  • COG Tag 29 - Before you go up the ladder,
    you will find this COG tag is in the third passenger car on the right.
  • COG Tag 30- In the fifth and final car there is a room on the left side in the third part of the train.
    The COG tag is at the end of that room.
Gears Of War COG Tag List Video:

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Gears Of War 2 Collectibles

--- Act 1 ---

Welcome To Delta
  • Collectible 1 - The Eagle Newspaper
    When you first start the game take the Training option or you won't be able to get this collectible. Right
    after you begin, head down the alley and keep an eye out on the ground
    for The Eagle Newspaper, it is laying in the middle of the street.
  • Collectible 2 - Ambulance Driver's Log
    After the training section and you drop down the ladder at the end of the Training section, go to the
    right and enter the garage to find the Ambulance Driver's Log.
  • Collectible 3 - Doctor's Journal
    In the hospital after your first encounter with locusts you will be
    in a long room overlooking the floor below you. Go to the left of
    the room and into a small adjacent room to find the Doctor's Journal.
  • Collectible 4 - Jacinto Medical Center File
    A few rooms ahead you will find a large, enclosed reception desk in the
    middle of the room. Check the floor inside to find the Jacinto Medical
    Center File.
  • Collectible 5 - COG Letterhead
    Right next to the cafeteria is a small room with a desk and a computer.
    Inside this room is the COG Letterhead.
  • Collectible 6- COG Proclamation
    The COG Proclamation is on the second floor of the hospital's lobby, near
    some ammo right as you enter the room.
  • Collectible 7 - COG Tags Private Dylan Murphy
    Right after you exit the hospital turn right and you will find these tags laying
    behind a pillar.
Rolling Thunder
  • Collectible 8 - Grindlift Notice
    The notice is on the wall right after you start.
  • Collectible 9 - Munitions Requisition Form
    Once you get off the rig to defend Dizzy, look to the left of the rig.
    It's next to some bushes and ammo.
The Big Push (no collectibles in this chapter)

  • Collectible 10 - Jacinto Sentinel Newspaper
    In the first building you enter in this chapter, go upstairs. The
    Jacinto Sentinel Newspaper is next to some grenades.
  • Collectible 11 - Memorial Inscription
    After getting rid of all the Tickers, check on the wall of the war memorial
    to find the Memorial Inscription. This is after you chainsaw through
    some debris, and before the Nemacysts.
  • Collectible 12- Landown Delivery Driver's Note
    After Cole and the Centaur show up and take out the Troika on the left.
    This collectible will be on the floor at in the back room of the Imulsion
  • Collectible 13- COG Tags: Private Samuel Lee
    About half way into the tunnel, your way is blocked by wrecked
    cars. BEFORE you go up the short set of steps to the left of these
    cars, check to the left of them and you'll find a room with the COG tags
Digging In (no collectibles in this chapter)

Gears Of War II Collectible Guide (Act 1):

--- Act 2 ---

Scattered (no collectibles in this chapter)

Indigenous Creatures
  • Collectible 14 - Gear Journal
    After you find the Rockworm, look out to the left and cut
    through some vines and you will find a Grindlift, some ammo, and the journal
  • Collectible 15 - Kantus Scroll
    After you reach the top of this area, you will find a couple of
    Troikas and a Reaver that appears, the Kantus scroll is behind
    the Troika at the back of the platform.
Disturbing Revelations
  • Collectible 16 - Locust Emblem
    After your first encounter in this chapter with Drones, Wretches and
    Kantus, go through the doors and you'll find the emblem near some
    ammo, just to the right as you enter.
Sinking Feeling
  • Collectible 17 - Ilima Help Wanted Ad
    After the Stranded runs towards you shouting that Locust are killing everybody, follow the
    right hand wall and you will see a wrecked car, the Ad is behind the car.
  • Collectible 18 - COG Tags: Hank Bissell
    Right after Cole saves you, the COG tags can be found to the left inside the
    building before you leave.
  • Collectible 19 - Stranded Journal (Jennifer)
    After releasing Baird from his cell, continue around the next corner and
    then turn right and head down the short path to find the journal.
Intestinal Fortitude
  • Collectible 20- Car Gold Magazine
    Head left as soon as you start the chapter and you will find the
    magazine lying on the floor.
  • Collectible 21 - COG Tags
    After you find Carmine, but before you turn the corner,
    look around on the floor to the left. It is
    against the left wall, and because of the color and dark, it is difficult to see the COG tag.
Gears Of War II Collectible Guide (Act 2):

--- Act 3 ---

Dirty Little Secret (no collectibles in this chapter)

  • Collectible 22 - Interoffice Memo
    After blowing up the door, check in the small office to the right.
    The journal is near a Boltok pistol.
  • Collectible 23- Memo (Dr Doug Sato)
    After you use the security system to kill the wretches, this can be
    found in a small room on the right side of the main hallway. You must
    kick down a door to access the memo.
  • Collectible 24 - New Hope Medical File
    Later in the chapter, you will come across a room with a few turrets
    on the ceiling, with a switch at the back of the room which will deactivate
    them. In the small room behind the switch you will find the New
    Hope Medical File.
Rude Awakening
  • Collectible 25 - Doctor's Journal
    After exiting the facility, DO NOT get on the train. Go right instead
    and go inside the small building where The New Hope Journal is lying on the floor
    towards the back.
  • Collectible 26 - Captivity Marks
    Before boarding the final train, turn around and enter the
    building behind you. In here you will find the Captivity Marks
    on a wall.
Ascension (no collectibles in this chapter)

  • Collectible 27 - Stranded's Journal
    At the point where you have to destroy the gunboat, check in the center
    of the area and go all the way to the top of the stairs here. The
    Stranded's Journal is at the top of the stairs.
Brackish Waters (no collectibles in this chapter)

Gears Of War II Collectible Guide (Act 3):

--- Act 4 ---

  • Collectible 28- Locust Terminal
    The Locust Terminal is in the same room where you have to activate the
    first terminal to search for Maria. Don't
    activate the first terminal yet, go to the
    second terminal and you will get the collectible
  • Collectible 29 - Locust Prisoner's Journal
    When the patrol of Locusts have left or been dealt with, the Locust Prisoner's Journal
    will be look to the left of the second terminal.
Hornet's Nest
  • Collectible 30 - Locust Jailer Document
    Just downstairs from where you enter, go down the corridor to the right,
    the Locust Jailer Document will be lying on the floor in the back.
  • Collectible 31 - Human Finger Necklace
    After you defeat the pair of Grinders which come out of the large doors
    you'll need to roadie run to enter the small room with the Troika before the door closes.
    As soon as you kill the Grinders, roadie run straight past them and follow the path until you
    see a door closing in front of you. Turn right, head up the stairs and
    if you're fast enough you will make it in just before the second door closes.
    The necklace is on the floor to the right inside the door.
No Turning Back
  • Collectible 32 - Locust Calendar
    Shorty after you start the chapter go up the stairs. It is the round thing with
    glowing orange lights on it, against the wall to the left
  • Collectible 33 - Locust Defensive Plans
    You will come across an area where you are on some stairs, looking down on one of the large locust
    and a Kantus. Head down to the left, then pull the
    lever to extend the bridge stairs. Run across it and turn left. You will find the
    Locust Defensive Plans at the end of the room.
The Best-Laid Plans
  • Collectible 34 - Locust Invasion Map
    Go to the right before getting on the lift and you will find the map
    in one of the doorways on the right hand side.
  • Collectible 35- Trinity of Worms
    Before heading down the spiral staircase, climb the staircase behind you
    This collectible is a pattern on the floor at the
    end of the corridor, at the bottom of the stairs.
Royal Inquisition
  • Collectible 36 - Locust Tablets
    Near the start of the chapter, go past the computer room the tablets are laying on the floor between two
    pillars at the back of the room.
Gears Of War Collectible Guide (Act 4):

--- Act 5 ---

Escape (no collectibles in this chapter)

Desperate Stand
  • Collectible 37 - COG Recon Report
    After the Raven clears the locust off the platform for you,
    go down the stairs to the right to the lower platform. The COG recon report is laying
    near some ammo.
  • Collectible 38- COG Tags: Sergeant Devon Jackson
    During the final encounter with the Brumaks, go down the steps at the far end of the platform.
    You will find the COG tags near a Longshot Sniper Rifle.
Free Parking
  • Collectible 39 - Jacinto Sentinel Newspaper
    Shortly after the fight in the courtyard proceed to the next area and you should
    find yourself facing a Grinder in the center, to the right. The newspaper
    is behind the wall to the right of the Grinder. This is just before
    Marcus and Dom split up.
  • Collectible 40 - COG Tags
    The tags are at the end of the level, on the left side of the street inside a ruined building,
    just after you defeat the Reaver.
Tenuous Footing
  • Collectible 41 - Stranded's Journal
    After you fall down several floors, jump out into the next area and check
    in the far right corner behind a desk to find the Stranded's Journal.
Gears Of War Collectible Guide (Act 5):

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Gears of War 3 Collectibles

BLUE = Collectible & RED = COG TAG

Act 1

Prologue - Troubled Past
  • COG Tag #1 - when you exit your room turn right and the door on your right if where the tag is, kick in the door to obtain the tag.

Chapter 1 - Anchored
  • Twenty Dollar Bill - In your room, located on your desk.
  • Dom's Psych Report - First left out of your room.
  • Requistition Form - Second left from your room.
  • COG Tag #2 - After you defeat the wave of lambent enemies and right before or after you read the disk from your dad head over to where you see a orange rusted metal cargo with the Omen. Go around the other side if you look up at the bridge there should be a dead body hanging from the side... Shoot it and the COG Tag will fallout of the body.

Chapter 2 - Abandon Ship
  • Silverbacks Manual - Located to the left of the Silverbacks in the Hangar Bay.

Chapter 3 - Homecoming
  • Journal: Home Of The Best Breakfast - In Town in the beginning as you enter the town before meeting the old man ( Kick in the Door on Left Side of Street )
  • Child's Diary - On the playground where the slide is.
  • Grocery List - Checkout counter #1 in the supermarket towards the right when enemies first appear.
  • COG Tag #3 - After kicking the fallen locker turn right and right again, there will be a room to enter.

Chapter 4 - Helping Hand
  • Clipping, Times-Tribune - Once you pass the green doors when collecting your reward turn right head straight pass the blue metal cargo and then turn right again go all the way down and behind the brown metal cargo is a newspaper on the floor.
  • COG Tag #4 - After you receive the ammo supplies and open the gate turn left and left again to reach a dock platform and go all the way towards the end.

Chapter 5 - MVP
  • Cougars Season Program Located in the upper levels behind the counter where merchandise is sold.
  • Cougars Player Handbook - Located just after passing the south gate in the lower level aroudn the right corner.
  • Cole's Championship Ring After Cole's football moment head to the opposite side of the field near the tent.

Chapter 6- Hanging by a Thread
  • Bayonet - After passing through the first gate on the bridge look for a metal carrier with a wooden crate towards the right. Break it
  • Sightseeing Book - After using the mortar against the ship and pass through the bridge when you climb the ladder turn right and around the corner.
  • Toll Booth Tokens - When you first reach the toll booth area where the locust are using the double retro lancer turrent, before you go up the small steps to use it look towards the right of the stairs and you will see the coins flashing.
  • COG Tag #5 - Once you pass the first toll booth area you begin to head to the lower bridge, stay to the left and you should see a White Van where the locusts will start attacking. If you turn left before the white van there should be a ladder heading down, once there follow the path until the first barricade, behind it is another COG Tag.

Gears of War 3: Act 1 COG Tags and Collectibles Video

Act 2

Chapter 1 - Shipwreck
  • Tomatoes: A Beginner's Guide - Right the beginning after seeing the wild tickers there should be a metal cargo. Kick it open the metal crate and head inside.
  • Octus Medal Diploma - After moving to the second area where a second batch of enemies appear you will see two silver metal cargo. behind the first metal cargo where the burning helicopter is.
  • Captain's Log - After you use the Siege Beast, there will be three locust who will pop out of the ground. Where they popped out of the ground look up and shoot the wooden crate, the Log will fall down.
  • COG Tag #6 - After Prescott dies look for a yellow metal cargo near by that has a Omen when you find it the tag is right behind that metal cargo.

Chapter 2 - House of Sand
    There are no collectibles or COG Tags in this Chapter

Chapter 3 - Forced Entry
  • COG Tag #7 - AFter shooting the guards without them sound the alarms enter the side entrance, head to the right where you see a flesh food tank and near the food is a basket, Push the basket over.

Chapter 4 - Trench Run
  • Locust Hammer - After the balloon warchip attacks you before heading up the ramp turn right at the stacks of boxes.
  • Queen Symbol - After meeting for the first time Queen Myrahh and defeating the enemies in the first area. Go through the first gate down the ramp and turn around you should see a gate towards your left, Kick it open. Look to the left in the corner.

Chapter 5 - Hijack
    There are no collectibles or COG Tags in this Chapter

Chapter 6 - Airborne
  • Manifest - Once you meet up with Dizzy and the locust blow open the gate enter the next area and turn left and head all the way down the road.
  • COG Tag #8 - Before hoping back on the balloon warship head up stairs in the second area and turn right until you enter a room from there turn left and beside the two crates.

Chapter 7 - Touchdown

Gears of War 3: Act 2 COG Tags and Collectibles Video

Act 3

Chapter 1 - Unbreakable
  • Anvil Gate Plaque - Right at the beginning turn completely around and it's located on the gate.
  • Watercolor Painting - At the beginning taker the right stairs up.
  • Sam's Father's Medals - If you took the right stairs at the beginning follow the path until the very end where you will see two blue ammo box in a small room. Enter the room and the medal will be there. If you took the left stairs follow the path until you are at the front gate and on your left should be a walkway you can cross. Make tour way across the walkway and next to some steps on your right sxides there will be a room where you can enter and obtain the medals.

Chapter 2 - Rescue
  • Journal - In the area where you fight the berserker. If you look behind the circular structure there should be a wooden booth where the item is located.
  • COG Tag #9 - In the area where you fight the berserker on the left side of the area should be a building with a Omen on the side look around the edges and be careful not to get ranover.

Chapter 3 - Breakneck Run
    There are no COG Tags or Collectibles in this Chapter

Chapter 4 - Ghost Town
  • Stay Out! - After meeting the old man who planted the charges head down stairs turn right and head straight to the wall.
  • COG Tag #10 - When chasing the crazy old man after you break the wooden planks turn right and follow through to the next room where you will see a Omen continue to the next room. Should be on your left side behind the sandbags.
  • Message - After defending against the lambent human in the market area. When you climb up the ladder turn left and head all the way down to the room.

Chapter 5- Brothers to the End
  • Air Raid Shelter Mercy A37 Maximum Persons 250 - After entering the churche and breaking through the wooden planks turn left and jump up on the platform, looks towards the left.

Gears of War 3: Act 3 COG Tags and Collectibles Video

Act 4

Chapter 1 - Ashes to Ashes
  • COG Tag #11 - After the Ash Man pushes the box of tickers head up to the box and turn left there should be a building this is being illuminated by a fire barrel, Go inside and inside the box is a dead man with his COG Tag.

Chapter 2 - Crater
  • Journal - At the beginning of Chapter 2 head straight foward and look slightly to the right, You will see a destroyed building with a wooden door you can kick down.

Chapter 3 - Hang'em High
  • Fuel Order - After you fight the first wave a lambent humans when trying to disable the safety release and before you enter the building, head over to the left side of the building on the balcony
  • Old Magazine - After going up one floor and enter into the building again there are two enemies with torque bows in the burning room with a office desk that has the Omen on it. Destroy the box closest to the other room.

Chapter 4 - Batten Down the Hatches
  • Tabloid - After seeing the first set of those centipedes there is a blue metal cargo toward the right of the area, There should be a open path on the left side.

Chapter 5 - Bon Voyage
  • Bulletin - When choosing to get the sub rotor in the matinence bay head to the lower level turn left and there should be a room.
  • COG Tag #12 - When finding the fuel make your way across the first ship and turn right, Keep going until you make another right and behind the yellow cargo is the tag.
  • Drake: Frost 25, 12 A.E. - When opening the third hanger door and upstairs is a room with a Vulcan Gun, The item is next to the door entrance.

Chapter 6 - Watery Grave
    There are no COG Tags or Collectibles in this Chapter

Gears of War 3: Act 4 COG Tags and Collectibles Video

Act 5

Chapter 1 - Home Away from Home
  • Pamphelt - When you make your way up the stairs at the Station Platform where the first turrent is, if you look left by the arches you will see a book on the ground.
  • Assault Plans - You need a silverback for this, Once you are fighting outside in the rain when the enemies start firing mortars at you, Head inside the cave and head towards the left side of the wall. There should be a big metal gate you can kick with the silverback.

Chapter 2 - Blackout
  • Schematics - When reaching the generator room you'll come across a office room with paintings on each wall, In the center is a office desk and behind it is a small red button you can press that will open the safe behind the painting towards your right.
  • COG Tag #13 - You need a silverback for this part, When the elevator gets stuck if you are facing the objective go right down the hall until you see a metal get that is broken down go inside your towards the right you will see a big metal door with a wooden plank, Kick it down with the silverback. ( A Silverback is located in a hangar behind some metal crates, look for a green button before you go on the elevator)

Chapter 3 - Shattered Paradise
  • Money Stack - When you enter the hotel, run straight down the first hall and when you can't go straight no more look towards your left there should be a tile on the floor you can break.
  • Diary - After destroying the dam, head upstairs and move towards the circle platform, Look for a book on one of those desks towards the right side.
  • COG Tag #14 - In the room before heading outside to Eliminate the final siege beast crew head straight down the hallway until you rech the otherside of where you entered and behind the benches is a dead body.

Chapter 4 - Threshold
  • Memorial Announcement - At the beginning just follw the path all the way until you see a statue don't turn left into the next area.
  • Announcement - After you ride the elevator hit the call buttom and another elevator door will open, go inside and you should see it on the wall.

Chapter 5 - Ascension
  • Brochure - After riding on the elevator, head down stairs and turn right, head all the way straight and if you look towards your right there should be a item behind the pillar.
  • COG Tag #15 - When you escape from Queen Myrrah and ride the elevator to the next floor if you turn right you will see a Omen, Head over to the symbol and break the boxes. You will find the FINAL COG Tag there.
  • Fenix Research - After meeting up with your dad, in the same room look near the telescope is a desk that is where you will find your next and final item.

Gears of War 3: Act 5 COG Tags and Collectibles Video

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