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How to Report Signature/Avatar/Profile Violations


I hope to give some users a further insight as to how they can report Signature, Avatar, and Profile violations. It's a commonly overlooked rule, however it's an important one none-the-less. Abusing these rules may result in loss of rights to use them. Remember that it's a privilege to use a signature or avatar, not a right. Having large signatures or avatars can result in pages loading slow. Having inappropriate pictures or content is offensive. Posting unauthorized links may give other users virus or spyware. The rules are here for a purpose, please don't abuse them.

If for any reason you come across any questions related to this topic that are not answered here, feel free to contact a Members++.

Prior to reporting users, please be sure to fully understand the rules in order to avoid inaccurate reports.

Rules of Signatures/Avatars/Other Content

As with all areas, the Site rules apply to signatures and avatars as well.

  • Anything larger than 400x150 is against the rules.
  • Anything larger than 70kbs in size is against the rules.
    *This includes sizes such as 300x160 or 450x100
    *Be sure to read the KB size, not the bytes size
  • Dimensions are not an issue with these, they will be scaled automatically to 64x64.
  • The maximum size however is 50kbs.
Text in a Signature:
  • Text sections of your signature should not exceed 6 lines of text if you include no images, and 3 lines of text if you have an image.
  • Links to promotion sites or referral type-sites are not allowed.
  • No mislabeled/deceptive links to any site for any reason.
  • No links to auction sites.
  • No links to binary files or sites that contain binary files.
  • Refrain from profanity, drug related pictures, or anything offensive.
  • Sexually suggestive material or nudity is against the rules.
  • Ultimately, it's up to the Member++'s decision. If they feel that it's offensive, then remove it.
  • Ripping someone elses signature or avatar is against the rules! It can be reported here.
Checking for Violations

Now that you fully understand the rules and regulations, lets proceed to checking a users avatar and signature.

Step 1: Right click on the signature or avatar
Step 2: Select "properties" or "view image info", depending on what browser you use
Step 3: Check the size and dimensions and verify that they follow the rules

It should look similar to this:

Note that the dimensions are equal to or less than 400px x 150px. The size is also less than 70kb. This signature is fine and is not breaking any rules.

Another example:

Notice that the height is 160; the max is 150. This signature is breaking the rules and should be reported.

How to Report a Violation

Alright, now that you have found a violation, it's time to report it to the appropriate team member.
Members++ users can be found here.
Send them a private message with a link to the violators profile. Feel free to include what rule specifically they are breaking and any other information you feel is important.

Quick Tips
  • Try to report more than one violation at a time. For example, sending one pm to a members++ with a violation and then sending them another pm in a couple minutes with another violation is causing unnecessary private messages.
  • Try not to report over 10 users to one members++ in a short amount of time. If you have found many violations, try to split them up between the members++.
  • If you are unsure whether or not the content of a signature, profile picture, or avatar is against the rules, then send them a pm. They will take action if needed.
  • For serious violations, such as porn or other urgent content that should be removed as soon as possible, send a pm to any Senior Moderator
  • If you lost your signature, profile, avatar rights a long time ago and would like to know if you could have them back, feel free to contact a Senior Moderator

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