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Sep 18 2011 04:05pm
Since AutoIt can be used for malicious things, as well as third party programs, it's against the rules to:
  • Discuss the program
  • Request download links for it
  • Anything related to the program (including scripts, advice, etc.)

This applies to any other program similar to AutoIt.

Including, but not limited to:
  • Automated mouse clickers
  • Automated key movements
  • Anything that is able to delete or move a directory/folder on another users device

Please use common sense when it comes to this.

If a program can be used to do the following, then please DO NOT post about it:
  • Automate game play
  • Violate the terms of service of games
  • Be used for malicious things

If someone has posted something mentioned above, report it and contact a Junior Moderator+ immediately! DO NOT quote it!

Remember that d2jsp does not support third party programs. Asking for codes or scripting help for these programs is NOT allowed.

Site Rules do apply here.

Failure to comply will result in actions taken against your account; warns, suspensions, and even possibly account ban due to illegal hack usage. Account security is taken very seriously.

Thanks to Xizeta for the original Sticky
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