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Graphic Showcase and Gallery Posting Rules

  • Only one gallery per person is allowed.
  • Creating multiple gallery topics will result in topic closure.
  • Your gallery should consist of 10 or more signatures or 5+ large sized designs.
  • If the pictures go down for any reason (removed by the hosting site), your gallery topic will be closed and moved out of this section.
  • The limit of 3 pictures per post still applies here. Try to condense your gallery to one main picture.
  • General Site Rules apply here.

How to have your gallery appear here:

  • Post your topic in the Graphic Design section following the posting rules above.
  • Contact a Junior Moderator with the topic link and kindly request it to be moved to the Graphic Showcase and Gallery section.

What is the purpose of this section?

The Graphic Showcase and Gallery is a compiled list of topics in which graphic artists can share their artistic talent with others.
Feel free to contribute beneficial comments, rate their designs, or subscribe to a users work.

Please remember that this section is only to be used for Showcase/Gallery reasons.
If you have a graphic request, post it here: Graphic Requests Forum

Thanks to ~SeeN~ for the original sticky
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