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Runescape Forum General Rules

Before anything, make sure to read and follow Forum Rules and Policies.

Additionally you need to understand and follow these specific rules in order to make this section enjoyable for all of us:
  • It's illegal to sell, buy, trade or give away runescape accounts; you can rent your account only for fg or gp.
  • RS memberships/pins are not allowed to be traded outside of the Donor Forum.
  • No trading of authorization codes.
  • No flaming! Be polite and try to help anybody who’s in need.
  • No linking to malicious programs, hacks, etc.
  • No linking to websites with binary files or to any non authorized RS related websites. This includes third party clients.
  • No linking to sites that deal with selling/trading items or runescape gold for money.
General discussions or debates over the game is fine, that's what this forum is for, but do your best to keep it from getting out of hand. Try to be creative and avoid posting non RS related threads.

This is not the trading section. Have some godly item you want to trade? Do so Here. This also includes any item lending. Item lending threads do not go in the RS general forum.

Discussions about private servers are not allowed here mainly for security reasons but also for supporting the legitimate usage of this game and its contents.

Scammer Accusations
This is not the place for your scammer accusations, you can find that section Here. Make sure to read the pinned topics form that section before posting an accusation.

Reporting Violations
We would also like to encourage you to report any and all violations you see using the report post option in the thread. Do not respond to spam, do not quote spam posts or any posts which contains inappropriate images or non authorized website links. Feel free to pm a Junior Moderator or a Moderator if you notice such posts or a Trade Moderator for any violations in the RS trading section.

Skill Lvl Threads
Personal achievements are ok to post and progress threads are allowed. Make sure when posting an achievement to be appreciated regarding the work and time you’ve invested.

Merchanting Threads
Please don’t post your "Buy this item its hot" Merch threads. This includes flipping too. Dump your items somewhere else. Don't post threads discussing any rwt methods.
Do not post any threads about found or known glitches or bug abuses.

Runescape Membership Cards
Membership Card Trading Allowed In The Donor Forum

Pre- Approved Sites.

Any and all outside links MUST be approved by Arkhen. This includes Runescape fan sites and your Clan forums.

Thank you, enjoy the d2jsp forums and have fun scaping!

Thanks to Camryona for the previous version of these rules :)

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