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Section I. Introduction
Section II.The Story
Section III.The Characters
Section IV.Upgrade systems.+1-9, Magic, Noble, Divine Noble? WTF?
Section V.DK Square and the PVP systems.
Section VI.Game Tips
Section VII.Agency, trading, and buying/selling via the forums.
Section VIII. Dead Front and Castle Siege

Section X. Map progression and a couple Legendary hints for new and returning players.

Section I. Introduction

Hey, my name is Airwaves. I am writing a new sticky because the game has went through a lot of changes the past year or two - including a drastic drop in interest in this subforum. I have been playing since BMR beta back in mid 2008, and know a great deal about the game. I am/was an admin of the guild Sacred along with my girlfriend. We currently own a 11X Level Mage and Segnale and I have a 128 mage aside that - so I hope you will find me knowledgable enough to answer your questions.

Please note that this game is designed in Korea, and it is translated by (now) GameHi USA - so we will always be 2-3 expansions behind Korea. This means we get basically unlimited updates and changes to the game. =]

Thank you to Ryans for all his hard work with the original sticky which I have taken and re-organized.
Thank you to Nekony for the red title and years of help.

What you will find in the game:

  • A brand new graphics engine.
  • • Progressive maps (zones, levels, et al) to keep you leveling fast.
  • • Guilds with special benefits, and animated guild avatars.
  • • Cash shop to buy EXP amulets, mounts, costumes, auto-pots, buffs, etc! Lots of payment options!
  • • Buff foods that add more aesthetic effects.
  • • Ticket systems for entry to Dead Front and Castle Siege
  • • Own your own Castle for winning the Siege! (Remember begging for this in wow?)
  • • 4-times-a-day raids that culminate in a 3-party FFA PVP battle for the spoils and bragging rights!
  • • Contests with unique and top tier prizes!
  • • Comission, repeatable, and one-time quests that reward you well.
  • • GM created, and double/triple XP events.
  • • Many ways to build your character's skill trees.
  • Balanced PvP. O_O
  • • Daily quests that allow you to make your evolve your unique items into more powerful versions.
  • • World PvP systems and penalties for grieving low levels.::

We have a new Action 7 as well! Watch the incredible new game play trailer!

Section II. The Story

The Story (courtesy of http://feature.mmosite.com/dekaron/story.shtml) of Dekaron:

Dekaron is a fusion fantasy 3D MMORPG based on middle age European culture. Its realistic backgrounds and explosive action make this extraordinary game much like watching a hardcore action movie.
In my own words, it is world of warcraft if the game wasn't a piece of garbage. The pvp is balanced, there's years of play time, the spell detail is incredible; it's just better in every way.

Birth of Trieste

In the beginning of the earth, there were Chaos and Cosmos. Chaos created 'darkness', while Cosmos made 'light' against it. Cosmos established a balance of the world by making 'space', while Chaos changed the world by calling in 'time'. The repetition of Chaos and Cosmos brought a continuous creation. Then, at the final day, they gathered their power together to create the Trieste, the immortal land, and the time of amazing creation finally stopped.

World of Two Moons at Night

Two moons shine at night in Trieste. In this big planet of which circumference is larger than that of the earth, 28 hours is a day and the period of revolution is 400 miles that is a little longer than the earth. The two moons go around at a different speed and repeat being closer and more distant to each other. Since Miseria with a misfortune name is ahead of Ricchez meaning richness, the day when Miseria covers Ricchez is the worst day. This cycle is 12 days, which is same with the period of 12 gods of the Incar, the national religion.

Contact with the Lower Bound & Unforeseen Destruction

Kalizio, who was called a 'wise man' during the war between goods and humans in the continent around 200 years ago, held a ceremony to call in creatures of the lower bound for the victory for humans. This trial led a success to defeat goods but became an opportunity for Karon and monsters of the lower bound to invade Trieste. It means, unlike Kalizio's intention, Karo began to destroy the world with monsters of the lower bound. Even Kalizio himself, who tried to control it, was torn by the hand of monsters. Fortunately before dying, he succeed to seal Karon by closing the path, which he opened, to the lower bound, but humans were killed by monsters of the lower bound and all nations, culture and culture disappeared at once.
This is just Grand Fall, the fall of Trieste.

Final Plan for Survival

When humans were fighting against monsters of the lower bound, another plan for survival were being implemented in a different place. That was to build a city at the steepest valley, the 'Divine valley', of a maze and various magic squares so that remained humans can survive as long as possible. In horrible fear implanted by Karon, humans' desire for survival built the city for a lot of people just in a few years. After a few years from then, prey was disappearing in the continent, and so were the monsters of the lower bound. People in the city came out and stood up in front of the sun. In that way, Arcana, the ark of the 'divine valley', was formed. As clans from the ark newly settled down, Arcana was concealed with a seal.

Preparation for the Future - Dekaron

Although monsters of the lower bound disappeared, the risk still resided. That was the resurrection of Karon. The seal by Kalizio Vacshu was just a temporary remedy, while Karon was knocking the door of the lower bound again gathering exhausted power. Fortunately, humans developed and prepared new magic, weapons, capacity, etc. against it, which is named 'Dekaron' meaning resistance against Karon.

Section III. The Characters

Section IV. Upgrading your armor and weapons - the easy version.

Hey guys. Now this might be your first time playing a cash shop / korean MMO. In world of warcraft, you simply enchant your gear with spells and put some gems inside. Dekaron is much more immersive. You have a LOT of different options; especially with action 7.

We have 2 systems in Dekaron. Argates and Mavricks.
This is courtesy of (http://2moons.mmosite.com/guide/item/intensifying_item.shtml), again.

Argate System:

Argate stones are very special items that you can use to further improve your weapons and armor. To do so:

1. Visit an Alchemist in either castle and select I would like to fortify a socket. Typical ways to obtain argates are world drops, or the treasure from the mini-boss in "C" Rank Crespo dungeon.
Gold argates have a small chance to drop from every "Abyss" Rank of Magical Field of Crevice boss, and the final quest of the "Chamber of the Goddess" quest. They are expensive and somewhat uncommon.

2. In the item section of the fortification window, insert the item you wish to upgrade. In the ingredient section, insert the Argate item.

3. If you want to increase your chance of success, place normal socket items in the other slots. Each item you add will increase the chance of success by a small percentage, up to a maximum of percent.

4. When you press Fortify the progress window will appear.

5. If the upgrade is successful, you`ll see the Upgrade Success! message. If the upgrade fails, the message will read, Upgrade Failed!

- Minimum requirements for upgrading are: an item (weapon or armor), an ingredient (Argate) and DIL.

- Higher upgrades will cost more DIL and the chance of failure will also increase.

- If the upgrade fails, the Argate will be destroyed and item`s level will drop to 0. However, socketed items and their attributes will remain unchanged.

- You can upgrade an item up to level 9 (+9). Higher levels require different Argates.

- When you upgrade a weapon, the base damage increases slowly and then very fast as you go up.

- When you upgrade armor, at +4 and higher, an option appears. +Guard to boots, +Res all to pants, and +Crit Rate to gloves.

- If you fail +7 or higher, the item is DESTROYED .

- It is not advised to try and go past +6 without a dshop item.

Copper Argate


Success Rate:

* For weapons:90%-70%
* For armor: 95%-75%
* Item destroyed if fortification fails: No

Silver Argate

Upgrade: +4 - +6

Success Rate:

* For weapons:55-25%
* For armor:60%-30%
* Item destroyed if fortification fails: No

Gold Argate

Success Rate:

* For weapons:15%-5%
* For armor: 20%-10%
* Item destroyed if fortification fails: Yes

Ruin Argate

Upgrade: DK armor

Success Rate:

* For weapons: See Above
* For armor: See Above
* Item destroyed if fortification fails: See Above

DK argates are the same as the normal ones. There are 3 types and they have the same risks.
Ruin argates are only purchasable from Lowe in Braiken Castle with purchase points, or the agency.

In action 7 there has been an update to ALL of the quests. Now many of them reward a mavrick or argate of each type.
  • Helmut - Crespo - asks you to give him one obsideon in return for it he givs you 1 of each type of maveric.
  • Iyad - Crespo - asks you to kill the (king of the mages) laiden in crespo dungeon, in return he gives you 1 of each kind of argate. This opens up a quest (again) called King of the Mages. This is a DAILY QUEST and the Rank depends on your level. The reward is XP and a random set of maps, obsidians, or 1 incar's.
  • Zemarim (the vendor in Draco) gives you a quest to kill 20 tentacles, and rewards a copper.
  • The King in Heihaff (NW of map) will give you a quest line that rewards a copper.

Section V. DK Square and world pvp!

DK Square

Dekaron has several pvp platforms available. The first I will discuss is the DK Square.
DK Square is a mass-PVP event for levels 50 - 190, it can be started at any time as long as there are 10 people in the same level bracket queued. Games can be up to 21 vs 21.

* Once 10 people have entered a lobby the the match will start.
* Each team will be teleported to their respective Posts after a 3 minute wait time the gates will drop. This time is used to make parties as well as receive the buffs from your Commander.

* The Commander gives a unique buff depending on your class as well as an increase in PVP resistance.

DK Square Rank Character Level
DK Square A 156 ~ 190
DK Square B 131 ~ 155
DK Square C 100 ~ 130
DK Square D 76 ~ 99
DK Square E 50 ~ 75

There are 28 Different ranks attainable through DK Square/Crespo Abyss, for each rank you receive a bonus of 1 skill point, 3 stat points, and extra max shield.

There are "Recruited, Senior, and Elite" prefixes to each rank.
IE. Recruited Knight, Knight, Senior Knight, and Elite Knight.

It would take forever to list each so you can see the specifics here - http://www.dekaronwiki.org/wiki/DKSquare

Level 50+ - Trainee
Level 75+ - Regular
Level 100+ - Royal Guard
Level 131+ - Shield Bearer, Knight, Baron, and Marquis

There is also a map called Crespo Abyss (you need to do a quest to enter this) and you can find a great way to grind DK ranks there.

There are quests in this map.

Each asks you to kill 100 little, and 50 big monsters.
After each part (3 quests in total) you get DK square grade + purchase points, and a random reward of Soul Dust (used to tele inside) or a dk square argate / mavric.
You also recieve 1 incar's reward.

In the dungeon, is another chance.

Each boss gives you Dk square grade + purchase points (up to 10k per clear), and 5 incar's emblems for completing the dungeon.
You will NEED a good segnale for either part. ;)

There is also party pvp arenas, and world pvp is greatly encouraged and exorcised.
You can explore these yourself, and you are rewarded PVP points for these fights. PVP points are mostly for bragging rights.

Braiken/Loa, and Parca Temple, and Ardeca are safe [(sanctuary, a la wow)/ zones.

Section VI. Game Tips

There are a lot of great guides here: http://forum.gamehi.com/forumdisplay.php?f=71

and here: http://forum.gamehi.com/forumdisplay.php?f=70

Please take the time to read through them - especially the noob guides part 1 and 2.

I will cover a few of the more obscure parts - like the acronyms and phrases we use to communicate with people from Poland, Brazil, Germany, etc.. that do not speak fluent english. You will meet a lot of different people on Dekaron.

PT = party. When someone says that, they are usually asking to party for a quest or dungeon.
IP = it means something silly like your "evilness index". If you have IP, you become "Niete" which means you aren't allowed to use dshop portal scrolls or talk to merchant NPCs or use teleports.
KOS = kill on sight. If you or someone in your guild's announcement is KOS, it means war has been declared. Normally, being in the guild means you're involved - so be wary of this.
DF = Dead Front.
CVC = Crevice dungeon located in Python Castle.
KS = this means kill steal. Dekaron used to be on a "last hit = max xp" system, for dead front. Now it's based on damage done, though. This would now mean that you got pk'd by other players and they took your dragon; for example.
Vcs = fortress vouchers. These are used for dead front maps or buff foods or mount tokens.

For a million dil you can also create your own guild.
An animated guild emblem border is available in the dshop for about 12$ USD.

Guilds can be up to 50 members, and must be level 3 (you donate adventure points from cq board rewards) to qualify for castle siege.

There are hundreds of guilds out there - you should be able to find a suitable one.
Save your ADV points unless you have like 500,000 because at high levels you will need to pay 100k-300k for certain upgraded rings and necks, etc.
If you plan to do Siege, I am sure your guild will be lvl 3 already. :p

Section VII. Agency, trading, and buying/selling via the forums.


The agency is akin to the auction house of world of warcraft. If you hit the / key - you open your personal shop. Drop an item in, list the price, and open the shop at night or when you leave your computer for extended periods. Only available in town.
There are agencies in loa and braiken where special merchant npc's will let you search through items extensively. You can instantly buy anything there, and see what's being sold across all 4 shards (servers, channels) at any given time.

Trading via this forum

We have a few trusted members on the Dekaron/2moons forum:
  • Airwaves
  • Nekony
Airwaves is available for trade mediation in extreme situations, as I don't know any meds who actually play Dekaron.

The general way to trade here is to make a trade, meet at a channel, and trade via the trade window. Try to trade something useless like a mana pot (a la buying wow gold) because there is a heavy influence on illegal oriental trading and hacking. You don't want to be banned because they think you are a bot or buying from a site.

Section VIII. DF and Siege? What's that?!

Dead Front

Dead Front is a 4-times-daily event that brings people together for an epic leveling event. You head to the Chain of Fire (in top left of Denebe, where the old map for norak was) and then to your appropriate commander to find a party being formed.


Courtesy of (http://www.dekaronwiki.org/wiki/Dead_Front) as always. Please read that page for more in depth mechanics as to how the map works, and the secret rewards waiting inside!

The time to complete the Dead Front is limited to 30 minutes.
The aim of the dungeon is to reach the most points of 20 available, extra exp will be awarded to all parties on a per-point basis at the end of the DF.

The Party

To participate in the Dead Front Battle you have to be member or leader of a party.

Party Leader

The party leader is responsible for:

* that all members have a suitable Map of Fortress and are the required level.
* applying successfully at the Commander during Application Time.

Party Members

All party members have to carry a level relevant Map of Fortress in their inventory.

Map Rules

* 4 members are required to apply
* All party members must have maps on them in order for the leader to apply
* If a player is added after the party is applied and he does not have a map, it will not affect weather or not the party is accepted, or "IN". however, the person will not be allowed to enter the DF until he obtains a map.

Specific Accessibility

Dead Front Rabble

* Level 21 to 45
* Map of Fortress [Rabble]
* Dupre (Rabble Commander)

Dead Front Common

* Level 46 to 70
* Map of Fortress [Fear]
* Olsen (Fear Commander)

Dead Front Baron

* Level 71 to 90
* Map of Fortress [Baron]
* Shamino (Baron Commander)

Dead Front Earl

* Level 91 to 110
* Map of Fortress [Earl]
* Kiva (Earl Commander)

Dead Front Duke

* Level 111 to 130
* Map of Fortress [Duke]
* Iolo (Duke Commander)

Dead Front Arc

* Level 131~150
* Map of Fortress [Arc]
* Nadon (Arc Commander)

Dead Front Doom

* Level 151~
* Map of Fortress [Doom]
* Rosen (Doom Commander)

Times are (CST) 2 am, 1 pm, 6 pm, 10 pm - and you should generally be leaving or arrive half an hour early to ensure you find a group.


What is Dekaron Siege Mode?

Dekaron Castle Siege is a large-scale guild war in which the “Attacking Guild” and “Defending Guild” fight to occupy the Genoa castle. The castle becomes the possession of the winning guild and its guild master becomes the lord of the castle to ruler of the territory, at least until the next battle.


Ready for a taste of the PvP in Dekaron? Check out our pvp!



Section X. Map progression

The old map is out dated. If you open the party panel "P" there will be a "looking for group" option on the bottom left, that will tell you what level range you are in for each map, and allow you to instantly form groups.

Action 7 changed a lot of the levels of the maps, lowering them significantly. Pretty much up to Python Castle's Tomb map, everything was lowered 10 levels.
You will have to explore and use the party finder tool, because there is not much information out currently, and the action is still being translated completely.

*Note for returning players: Crevice Rank: Abyss is pretty barren now, and you can level through maze now until you can go to the new Castor dungeon.
The 90 A-rank dungeon, the 105 dungeon, and the 122 dungeon are very populated, though!

Naima in Ardeca is the vendor to turn vcs in for buffs/mounts, now.

*Note for all players as well: The harp player in Loa/Braiken will give you a one-time, 20% 1-day EXP amulet if you sign up for the Clean Campaign to help fight bots.

*There is also a LEGENDARY level 42 weapon available from the npc in Norak if you do the quest to kill Davitch. It is not trade-able, however it is able to be full slotted and it's requirements are much lower.

Sorry this took a month, lc3 and I were both busy.
I wrote this sticky from scratch, so I hope that it is legible and easy to understand.
I hope that this is much more helpful and brings a little life to this subforum. Looking forward to seeing you guys in game!

- Tom
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