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#1 Jun 4 2011 06:37pm
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How to make HD quality with your awesome kills.
I do not know if this works for CS:S.

What programs you will be needing
HLAE (Half-Life Advanced Effects), it's free from their own website
VirtualDub, it's free from their own website
Xvid codec
Sony Vegas Pro 9.0, this is not free
Moviemaking config (You don't need it but it looks better)

So lets start, first you will have to have your demo ready.
First start up HLAE, press "File" and "Launch". A new window will appear and there you have to make some changes like in the picture. Don't forget to select your hl.exe.

When you have pushed "Launch" after the settings CS will start inside the window and there you go into your console and if you have a movie config you write "exec movie.cfg" or whatever the config is named.
Then you have to start the demo and to do that you'll have to write "viewdemo xxxxx", while it's loading the demo you have to write some more.
"mirv_movie_fps 90", this can be set to other numbers to so you can experiment with it for the smoothest one.
"mirv_movie_export_sound 1", this is so you'll get the sound from the clip but if you don't want it just ignore this one.

When this is done you jump ahead to whatever it is you want to make a movie out of and then you'll start recording. Put this in your regular config.
bind "f12" "mirv_recordmovie_start", this starts to record.
bind "F11" "mirv_recordmovie_stop", this stops the recording in place.

Now if you have done this correctly a lot of files will be added in your counter-strike folder and they are named xxxx.tga.
Open the first file with VirtualDub and when then go to the "Audio" tab and press "Audio from other file..." and choose the .wav file in your counter-strike folder.
After that go to the "Video" tab and press "Frame rate..." and a new window will appear, remember that you must use the same number as you did for "mirv_movie_fps" so in this case 90.
Do the same and go to the "Video" tab but now press "Compression..." and in there you choose Xvid codec and press "Configure"
A new window will appear, change the settings like this picture
Now go to the "File" tab and then you press "Save as AVI..." and choose a saving destination
The file will be created and depending on how many pictures there are it can take a while.

Now start up your Sony Vegas
Start out by going to the "File" tab and press "New..." and then a new window will appear and start by editing to the settings in the picture
Then you go to the the "Audio" tab in the same window and change to these settings and then press "Ok"

Now go to your right about in the middle of the screen you choose the "Explorer" tab and then you look after your .AVI and drag it down to the media bar.
Go to the "File" tab and press "Render as..." and in the new window that appears you will have to create your own format by clicking "Custom..." but start by choosing .wmv as format as in the picture
A new window will appear and there you will go to the "Video" tab in the bottom and insert these settings
Then change to these settings in the "Audio" tab
Don't forget to press the disk in the upper right corner of the window to save the template

Now your template is saved and all you have to do now is to press "Save" and then the video will start rendering and when that is finished a new file has been created wherever you saved it and it is ready to be uploaded to youtube.

Here is an example of a video I made by following this guide

The same guide but as a video made by my friend. I'm not taking any credits for the video, but it was made after this guide.
#2 Jun 4 2011 09:43pm
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nice guide!
#3 Jun 5 2011 02:31am
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Nice guide buddy.

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#4 Jun 5 2011 04:25am
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nice guide oli :)
#5 Jun 5 2011 05:02am
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Nice guide m8!
Good job! :)
#6 Jun 5 2011 07:06am
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Great guide. ;)
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