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#21 Aug 21 2011 11:00am
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i played it and its rly bad xD u play the bloodblade dude as nekromancer and u dont have to do anything u just walk and u dont do any dmg ur just walking all time and the dungeonmaster system fails so hard sometimes u get dungeon whit 20 enemys and sometimes the same dungeon u have to kill 80 mobs to be dungeonmaster and the dude who only have to kill 20 make it in 10 secs and u need 40 cause u have to kill alot more and ? ur the gay cause u have no luck xD bad game but i sell coupon btw at german server xD buy it :D
#22 Aug 21 2011 04:40pm
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You have to get more in depth into the game. Get high level and you have some real challenges. You cant just go Redhand Bloodletter and let the minions do the work, you will get owned.
#23 Sep 2 2011 11:04am
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Bad :P
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