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#11 May 4 2011 06:41pm
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Quote (Lifesong @ May 4 2011 05:58pm)

The game is entirely mindless grinding now. Not only that, but as a Pyro the game is TERRIBLE. Sure, the Pyro is OP, but monsters hardly ever drop pyro items. Its ridiculous. All the items are the same, there is no variety; see the AH for that. The game is unbalanced overall and straight up broken. It is an embarrassment that they released it in the state that it is in. Any other company in the world would fire you for doing something that stupid.

#12 May 4 2011 07:29pm
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I play as pyro aswell, and I get lots of pyro drops. Though I play as a melee and those pyro drops are pretty much useless to me.
The game may be a little to easy, I have'nt reali found that much of difficulty doing the quests and bosses, unless I am to fight in a cave that +4 above my level the boss might be a bit to hard for me to defeat on my own.
I dont know how the game was before this, cuz I did'nt play in the beta, just found out about it and still loves it.
#13 May 5 2011 01:36am
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I'm probably going to play until level 50. By then, hopefully, they will have made some significant changes. Only time will tell...
#14 May 7 2011 07:13am
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so much grinding and i hate those cartoony animations :/
#15 May 8 2011 08:53pm
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Quote (Greyshade @ May 7 2011 06:13am)
so much grinding and i hate those cartoony animations :/

WoW is pretty cartoony, isn't it?
#16 May 12 2011 03:26pm
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Quote (Switch11 @ Apr 24 2011 01:29am)
yes i did try it, it was fucking stupid. it was great back in 09? or early 2010? i dont remember when it died. the re done version sucks and they even spelt potion wrong on the first quest. they siad "Portion". it was clunky and the graphics are way worse then before. the mechanics suck and its just bad overall haha.


i love how you just rage about the game instead of playing something else just qq more pls its so funny
#17 May 12 2011 09:05pm
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the old mythos made you get exp from monsters, but now its a massive grind and quest fest.
#18 May 24 2011 03:20am
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kinda reason why i play Rappelz

well and its going up to lvl 170
#19 Jun 6 2011 12:59pm
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i played this game let me think hmm 4 -5 days

and i have to say where is the FUN in here ???

lol you get hard on copper and one shit identification thing costs 30 copper , you cant get along on beginning now im lvl 23 and i stopped because the most quests are so fucking easy and fast to do. no balance for this game here for me i cant die with my warrior char and his summonings ,they rock alone the bosses down lol .

i dont want to say i hate this game but no NOW im deinstalling it dont want that shit on my hdd,

just my 2 cents !
#20 Aug 20 2011 11:32pm
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played it around 2-3 weeks back when it was in closed beta
made 4k fg out of it, then quit

As a closed beta, it was fun and new and exciting.
As a come-back release, it sucks, still unbalanced and has a crapload of bugs in it.
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