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Feb 12 2011 08:44am
Hello everyone! I am proud to announce the public release of Ladder Slasher v1.21.0! See below for details.

- Experience gained in groups is no longer based upon action count. If you feel someone is "leeching", you can always kick them from your group (or not).
- Stat points added to Vitality and Intelligence now give you the full +HP/MP no matter what level you put them in at. Example, +1 Vit added at level 2 will give you +3 HP.
- Fish/comfrey stacks can now correctly exceed 65k total effect (client side overflow)
- You now regenerate at the full rate while doing skills (still applied upon skill completion)
- Door to leave catacombs changed to Ctrl-click instead of double-click
- Critical Flux now works vs. Melee and Caster critical hits
- Mob healing AI slightly improved
- Bug fix: Mirror Maze client bug on final fight fixed
- Bug fix: You can now use just the right box on skills that have two boxes but can have single item input (example: transmuting)
- Bug fix: Fishing in the dark well no longer restarts client side regeneration
- Bug fix: Suffusencing will now give you +proficiency points on a success (bottom bar complete) even when the top bar has reached 0
- Magic resistance on regular mobs has been removed
- "Free" group casting has been "removed" (see below)

- Added Abilities (3 per class) - Adds many new tactics!
- Characters receive 1 ability point per 5 levels, which can be spent in any of the abilities. Spending points in primary class abilities will net you the best results, while classes at or below your class will result in less results, and class abilities above your class the least results.
- For example, you gain +20% for the first point put into a class ability, +10% for the first point put into a non-class at or below your class, and +6% for the first point put into a non-class above your class.
- There are three primary ability types: weapon, offensive charm, and heal charm.
- Abilities can be assigned to control, alt, or shift, and then used once they charge.
- Each ability has different attack/heal patterns, as described in their descriptions.
- Each ability charges either by attacking (melee, charm), healing, getting hit, or getting healed.
- When an ability charges, it's icon will appear to the left of your weapon slot (Q), with the charge percentage. You can use it according to the type and key you have assigned it to.
- The higher the charge %, the more damage the ability will do. Abilities can overcharge up to 200%! Each ability has varying +Effect% bonuses.
- For example, a level 1 barbarian puts his first point in Knockdown. This gives him +20%. He assigns it to the Ctrl key, by Ctrl-clicking it on the stats window. He enters combat, and fights for a bit, as it generates to 10%, then 20%, etc. At any point, he can use this ability, but he decides to wait till it is charges to 100%, then and he waits for 3 mobs in a row (horizontal), then ctrl-clicks to attack one, and it uses his ability, hitting all three mobs in the row.
- You can learn up to three abilities at a time. All three can charge simultaneously.
- Abilities reset when you reroll your character (or complete a master quest).
- All abilities only take the regular time amount to use once they are charged. For instance, Multicast/Multistrike only have a 1 second cooldown. Please note that heavy weapon melee will still have the 2 second cooldown.
- Returning to town or changing equipment will reset all of your charges. Plan accordingly!

A new portal category and complete guide on abilities will be added as time permits.

I have the ability to modify the effectiveness of abilities without restarting the server. This will allow me (with the players help!) to adjust, tweak, and balance each ability to perfection over the course of time. Going into this release, it is a given that not all of them will be perfectly balanced, but with the help of the community, we can make sure every ability is reasonably and well balanced against the others, so that there is never a single predominant choice that everyone chooses. I plan to create a reporting/polling tool to help with this. Also, please note that most all of these abilities will be changing over time as the game continues to progress through development stages. This will make more sense as future upgrades are made.

I also plan to create an ASE reporting tool, that will simplify all ASE reports and put them in a single location where I can review them accordingly.

The features announced in the previous version are still going to make it into LS, just not in this version. Also, the mob changes will still come, but have been postponed to at least the next release.

Have fun everyone! (Thanks to Dan and Kevin for their help testing!)
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