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Jan 12 2011 10:26pm
This guide will not cover the basics of the game, nor will it cover how to use the Market Place, that can be found here. It is meant to show one easy way of earning a few Forum Gold at a time. This is not a get-rich-quick program, but it can help newer players earn a few coins to then use to upgrade gear.

There is almost always a demand for higher-prefix magical items. Items of magical levels Arcane or higher are generally good sellers. This includes Arcane, Legendary, Godly, Epic, Relic, Artifact, and Unique.

These items, regardless of the Tier and the stats, will sell on the Market Place for 1fg each.
Naturally, if the stats are nice (high enhanced effect or high +stat for example) then they would sell for more and you should get them price-checked if you are unsure. Sometimes you may need to re-list an item, but eventually they almost always sell. If they do not, use them as your own shrines!

THAT BEING SAID: Every time you see an item with magical quality of Arcane or higher, pick it up! Go to the Market Place and list it for 1fg, and sit back and let the coins come in.

Some people make this their method of farming FG. They will climb to a certain level, say level 25. When the game starts to get more difficult than their gear allows, they reroll their character, sell all the items found, and then repeat this process. Over time, you will gain better gear as well as small amounts of FG coming in to help upgrade and allow you to climb higher, safer, and faster.

Here is an example of a good item to grab. Notice the stats on it are not very useful, but people buy them for skill experience (glyphing, transmuting) as well as for shrines.

There are other ways of earning Forum Gold while playing Ladder Slasher, this is just one simple way.

Feel free to leave me with any questions or comments. Now go earn those coins, upgrade your gear, and slash away!
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Jan 12 2011 11:04pm
Thanks for covering this in more detail but most of this info is already covered in this topic that is already stickied in the Bread and Butter section.
http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=39535595&f=272&o=0 The Complete Noob's Guide To Making Fg by AF_Warren666 aka Henchman21
II. Bread and Butter

Also would have liked for you to explain that this method will work on hardcore as well as softcore.
ether way good info
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Jan 13 2011 08:00am
Thanks. I did see that guide also, but there is some outdated information in there (10 items on the MP for example, instead of the 20 current limit) although the basic fundamentals are the same. This was more for a quick reference since there is nothing similar at the moment in the forum without digging through pages of old guides. Many new players won't look through the list of them, so I made this as a quick link, so to speak.

And naturally this works on both cores, but there are less people playing and skilling on Hardcore, so sales might be slower.

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Jan 16 2011 11:27pm
Nice of you to put this together Jesse for new players. Hope you dont mind if I add my 2 cents:

Stuff that I have found that sells quickly:

Fishing rods lvl I, II or III (or higher tier, but few people with that prof) with Durabiltiy - easy 1fg and if high durability more than 1

Comfreys with 200+ mana or life - easy 1fg

Armors/weaps/charms with the following mods:

enhanced effect
heal mastery
extra equipment slots
max mana items or items with the above mods with max mana

Those are some of the more desireable mods and if you can find them on items you can farm fg. Like Jesse said Glyphers and Muters like items with high #'s Tier 1-6+. If you stumble accros a +8 TII item put it up for sale for 1fg and watch the fg roll in.

GL to all,

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Jan 17 2011 08:58am
Thanks Bryan, and of course I do not mind if you critique it. It was just a quick idea I had to try to help some of our newer members earn some fg of their own, without throwing them an encyclopedia and saying "here, read this."

You have some very good points, those items are also fairly common sellers and not exactly rare items (they drop pretty often) so they are great to add to this. Thanks for the input and best of luck to you.

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Jan 17 2011 12:42pm
nice job dude :)
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Jan 29 2011 03:50pm
also just throwing my $0.02 in as well...

The skillers (glyphers, muters, etc) usually have an ISO thread up stating what they are ISO at that specific time. As their prof lvl increases, so does their ISO needs (generally speaking)

So if you see a thread up by a skiller, track the thread and check back for any updates every so often as they usually try to update their current specific item needs.

it may not sound like a lot selling simple gear for 1fg, but it all adds up :)

good luck.
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Feb 1 2011 05:12am
Very good guide mate,
this is probebly the best way for new slashers to make some fg :)

You should mention that you could also just do the Trevor and find an armor worth 13k :rofl:

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Feb 1 2011 06:15am
Exactly the items i try to sellto gain few more fg. Good guide!
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Feb 2 2011 11:54am
Quote (WRooney2011 @ Feb 1 2011 07:15am)
Exactly the items i try to sellto gain few more fg. Good guide!

Thanks, glad to see it helped you! That was my goal, to provide just a simple thing new slashers can look for to get a few FG for gear. It won't get you rich quickly, but it can provide those much needed coins early on to help get you higher up in levels safely and efficiently.

Best of luck on your climbs/quests. :)
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