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Oct 26 2010 09:38pm
How to write a good guide? - by ryhn

  • Try to choose a proper title for your guide that is as descriptive of its content as possible. (Example: 1.11b PvP & MF Hammerdin)
  • The guide must be readable and have little to no spelling errors when submitted.
  • The content should appeal to a large enough audience, so please avoid using the realm specific items. (Example: imp shank on west scnl and grim spur on east scnl)
  • The guide must be original as much as possible. We will not tolerate copied or ripped guides.
  • The point the guide tries to illustrate must be clear and understandable by its intended audience. This includes having any necessary details. We might reject guides with less than approximately 300 words.
  • Pictures are important. However, please only use pictures when you have a relatively stable hosting sever. (imageshack and photobucket will remove the pictures which exceed bandwidth)
  • The layout of the guide should be convenient, easy on the eye, and just make sense.
  • We DO NOT accept guides posted as out-site links.

How to submit a guide?

  • Please make sure you have read the guidelines above before writing/posting.
  • Please PM me the guide's link after it gets some comments.

You will be notified after review.

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