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Oct 26 2010 09:08pm
Bryce's Blizzard Sorceress by NuB-Remorse
Xlt Pvp/countess/pit Lighting Sorc Guide by XlT
X4dow's Blizz Guide 1vs1 Ep 3.2 by X4dow
Pvp Zeal Enchant Sorc by OmgTheyKilledKenny
Faq To Energy Sheild! -> Read for any energy sheild questions! by Als
1.11 Pvp Es/orb Sorc by TheForgottenOnes
Stk's Guide To The Pvp Vitality Sorceress (1.11b) by ShugoTenshiKrys
Infinity Es Light Sorc V1.11 by the8thbit
Lightning Sorceress Guide by TheChinaXpress
Rising's Pvp Fireball Sorceress Guide by The-Rising
Fb Sorc - 1.11 Legit League-pvp Guide by Raka11
The Legit Pvp Vita Blizzard Sorc Guide by lordruke
Pvm Lightsorc By Lemon by lemonfish
The Fire Sorc Guide! by distortion-
1.11 Blizz Mf Sorc Guide by Mischa
Fireblizz Sorc Guide by izParagonzi
Complete Pk Fireball / Es-sorc 1.11b by Raka11
Hardcore Light Sorc Guide by ___
How To Aim / Control A Fire Sorc by SnoMan
The Real Zeal Sorc. by EldestElder
Stephen's Merc Enchantress Guide by stephenp1983
brynch's 1.11 Pvp Vitabolter Guide by Brynch
Charged Bolt Guide by PerMiSSiON
142 Fhr/200 Fcr Fb Sorc Guide by PunkAnarchist
Narkz Guide To The Pvp Vita Lite Sorc by Narkotics
tombman's Gfg Pvp Es Fireball Sorc Build by Tombman
Corzors Various Lightsorcs Builds by CorZor^
Fire Sorc by tomhc
Ultimate Mf / Gf / Keyfinder Vita Light Sorc by AnagrA
Undying's Revised Es Lighter Energy Sorc Guide by JayPee
Billmoney's Pvp T-storm / Es Sorc Guide by billmoney
Hardcore Orb/tk Blind-teleporting Budget Mf Sorc by Sunforge
Zeal Sorceress Guide 1.11b by teknic
Full Tals Blizz Sorc v1.12 by Eoj
A Chanter Guide by WKH
Garciaparra's Max Block Vita Blizzard Sorceress by Garciaparra
Lightning Mf Lowcost Sorceress Guide by n0rdic
Alphabetz's Infinity Lightning/nova Es Sorceress by Alphabetz
The 95es Fire Sorc Guid - Full Precast or not by Icewind
Updated 1.12 Optimized Meteorb Guide by PetezJunior
The In-depth Guide to the MF Sorceress for Newbies by MateDeVita
The 1.13 95% Es Firewall Sorc V3.0 by Sergeant01
Hardcore Max Block Lightning Sorceress Compendium by Synonym
The "barrier" Orb Sorc by RUSSiABANK
Definitive Guide To Firewall - Orb - Enchant Sorcs by KurosakiIchigo
Infinity Es Nova Ts Guide V1.0 > 1.13 Patch by cweaver8518
Orbasm's Es Orb Guide by wonderbox
Guide: Optimizing Fireball Damage -- Hybrid Sorc by Dmon_Hunter
The V1.13 Gm Es Hybrid Blizzard Sorceress by zmauls
Batman's Sorceress Vs Sorceress Guide by Garciaparra

Outdated Guides
(Please let me know if there're updated ones)

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