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Oct 7 2010 06:05am
Introducing Ladder Slasher v1.20:

(It is highly recommended that you play this version in Softcore before you try Hardcore. Some game dynamics have changed compared to past versions.)

Changes and New Features:
  • Client and server codebases have had complete overhauls to improve performance and reliability
  • Groups are now persistent, in town and out.
    You can now venture into the catacombs, and your position will be saved upon returning to town.
    You can create a group, then enter catacombs while you wait for people to join.
    Plus more that you can discover!
    Returning to town will not reset the map or fight (if you are in one)
  • Mob spawns in catacombs has been adjusted to be more strict based upon how many people are exploring. This makes it solo-able, and also more interesting for larger groups. All the bonuses for large groups still apply (the more in your group, the better!)
  • Find players dialog added and replaces the /find command (can only use it while you are in a group), double clicking a result will auto open a /msg to that user.
  • Upon exploring the entire maze, if your entire party returns to town, when you go back into catacombs, it will automatically transfer you down a level to a new map.
  • Most objectives can now be completed without a full group, and some can even be completed solo.
  • Falling through a trapdoor or exploring the whole maze and leaving cata and returning will re-initialize objectives that you can complete.
  • Drop qualities have been increased
  • Groups are now managed (and created) via the Group Tools icon in the bottom right of town (hotkey: F)
  • Any available groups will automatically be found and displayed when you first select your character
  • Damage and healing is now displayed in a new format, and you can tell who the source and target is.
  • When a charm is used, it is displayed on the screen, so you can tell when an enemy is casting vs. physical attacks.
  • Can now change equipment during combat
  • A skill icon will appear when a group member is doing a skill (eg, a fish when they are fishing, etc)
  • If a group member is not in the same location as you, their character will "fade out". This will indicate that they are in cata while you are in town, and vice versa.
  • Caught fish are now automatically placed into your held items
  • Glyphing rank 1 items (without proficiency) is now a little bit easier
  • Block is now renamed to Parry to better describe the functionality
  • You can no longer send PMs while in /dnd mode
  • Mobs now have a chance to drop items higher than their level. This bonus increases with group size.
  • Evil presence, certain objectives, and well mobs will now only drop magical or higher items
  • Life steal, life/mana per hit/kill now have a higher effectiveness in catacombs
  • If the client gets an error, will automatically disconnect you as a safety measure
  • Ctrl-click attack with a charm will group attack mobs, at a slower cast rate. Only works in groups of 2 or more. The more mobs, the slower the cast rate.
  • New objective added: No Maze No More, required level 55 to complete, must have completed Hack the Horde
  • A text notification will appear when another user uses a glyph on you
  • Well of evil has been removed from town
  • Dark pools can now spawn in catacombs, and function similar to how the well used to. You can also fish in it!
  • Removed some old mobs, and replaced with newer ones (see below for more info on future updates regarding this)
  • You will now receive notifications after you receive new private messages on d2jsp. ** Note, this is not real time, but updates roughly when your current gold amount does.
  • Critical hits are now displayed in red text
  • All melee weapons are now modified by a strength and dexterity combination, rather than pure strength or dexterity. Ratios are listed on the Weapons page on the portal.
  • PvP is now real time, and player position specific
    PvP is divided into 10 level rooms, for instance, levels 1-10 are in room 1, 11-20 in room 2, etc.
    Up to 10 people can duel at a time per room!
    Dueling is now HC safe, there are no deaths in PvP, only knock-outs.
    You must be next to your opponent to hit them (use the WASD or arrow keys to move)
    Melee requires that you are immediately next to your opponent (not diagonal!)
    Casting allows you to be 3 squares away in a straight line (not diagonal!)
And many other fun and surprises waiting to be discovered!

The Future:
The next version will include a lot of new features that expand upon this version. Some of them include: PvP ranking/scoring, more interactivity, more continuity, and much greater challenges.

Huge thanks to Arx_X, Justine, and Kevin for helping beta test!
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